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It's The Packaging That's Making You Fat

It's The Packaging That's Making You Fat
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Issue #1252 - August 3, 2006
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By JoAnn Hines The Packaging Diva

My name is Pascal. I found your blog during a Google search. I have a question that you can hopefully help me with? I am particularly interested in a news segment that FOX News aired a few days ago concerning how difficult it is to open packaging these days. I know of a segment on another network. Does anyone know of this story on Fox?

We are still sorting out the issue whether Walmart will require suppliers to submit their product packaging for approval. Can anyone enlighten the readers on this issue?

The July issue of "Tea and Coffee Trade Journal has me quoted in their article "Signed Sealed and Delivered" by Rama Ramaswami. If you need a copy let me know.

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It's The Packaging That's Making You Fat By JoAnn R. Hines Packaging Diva

So what else is new? We blame packaging for just about everything including global warming (tee hee), so why not accuse it of making us FAT too?

It's hard to buy a food product without some type of "fat" marketing message. Low fat, less carbs, sugarless and so on, but are these claims accurate? Are people getting fatter because they can't read the package? Is the packaging making them fat because it misleads the consumer? Can't we understand portion control or are we all slaves to the "supersize me" trend that permeates marketing messages?

Last week, some of the world's top food and drink makers joined in a commitment to provide European consumers with better fat and sugar content information on their packaging. In a move to stem the growing problem of obesity in Europe, Coca-Cola Co., Groupe Danone, Kellogg Co., Kraft Foods Inc., Nestle SA, PepsiCo Inc. and Unilever NV said they will put at-a-glance calorie content information on the front of their packaging, and more detailed lists of ingredients including sugar, fat, sodium and carbohydrates on the back. You know, this is the information on the box that you are supposed to read. So that begs the question, do we ignore labels and only read about the ingredients?

Some people would have you believe that the consumer has no responsibility for their own health and well being. Consider that McDonalds was taken to task by the media recently because a generation of kids eating at McDonalds have become fat. The claim was that the kids’ obesity was caused by the lack of information on the packaging. They did not know how fattening the Big Mac was because it did not have that information on the burger’s package. In response, McDonalds is putting "fat facts" on their packaging. Let’s wait and see the result. Do you think there will be less fat kids in a couple of years?

The latest buzz is about the "unit basis" or the fact that what is eaten as a portion is dictated by the size of the portion served. So I guess if you serve me an entire box of cereal, I'll eat the whole thing. The jury is still out on this one.

But seriously, this is where packaging comes into play. I wrote about this previously in my article "100 Calories Snacks - Smart or Stupid." The point is the product is marketed and portioned as such (100 calories as a snack) regardless of what the actual product amount might be. So be wary of what goes on your packaging, what claims you make and how the consumer will react to them. Watch out for so called "fat" statements on your product packaging. They could come back to haunt you.

When determining what the package promises the product can do, think about the following
• Can your statements be verified?
• Can they be construed as misleading?
• Can consumers blame the product instead of themselves?
• Can any statement you make be fodder for the media?

If any of the questions generate a yes answer, beware of the "Packaging Police." They could be out after you, especially if they think your packaging makes them fat.

Please feel free to use me as a resource when it comes to understanding what packaging markets are hot and what are not. Or what companies are developing the latest in innovative packaging technology.

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Remember my trend prediction back in a few months ago. Well stories about meat packaging aren't dead (no pun intended) yet.

WCPO - Cincinnati,OH,USA
... "People have the right to know what they're feeding themselves and their loved ... meat industry would not even be looking at using this method of meat packaging.". ...

Hawaii’s Beverage Container Deposit Program Will Continue by Lorah Utter, Editor, Raymond Communications
Hawaii’s Beverage Container Deposit Program, which was due to expire on June 30, 2006, was extended until June 30, 2009. Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle signed legislation extending the time-frame of the program on June 23, a week before the program was scheduled to end.

The legislation, Senate Bill 3105, will also expand beverage container recycling opportunities for consumers.

For more information visit <>

Pioneer Press - St. Paul,MN,USA
... campaign, calling the new packaging "uncanny." Hormel ... the Can Manufacturers Institute, an industry trade group, they ... Green Giant corn shows a whole packaging

From packaging to crafts, KTM finds new uses for corn starchLansing State Journal - Lansing,MI,USA
... "They are different materials.". KTM is working with MSU, including the School of Packaging, to make more durable bio-based

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