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Packaging News You Can Use Tip Of The Week

Packaging News You Can Use Tip Of The Week
Issue #1250 - July 13, 2006Publisher: JoAnn Hines
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In response to last weeks question
Is the jewel box dead?
Debora wrote<> Have other insights about the future of CD packaging. Send them to me and I'll archive them here <<>>

INTERVIEW WITH THE DIVA:by Response Magazine which focuses on the direct response industry. We’re running a story on getting products from the television infomercials to retail sales and you seem like the ideal source to go for. Look for an upcoming article I'll let you know when to look.

IM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE:that Web Packaging will archive my "Packaging News You Can Use" articles. This is an ideal partnership between the Packaging Diva, the number one consumer product packaging expert, and the world's number one web site for consumer packaging. If you are looking for the latest in packaging innovations check out <> for a wealth of information and material. Its the first website I go to when I need to find out what's "hot" in packaging.

IN RESPONSE TO MY ARTICLE:"Is Your Packaging Going To The Dogs?"This article "Premium dog biscuits suffered from a pricey image"Just appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press (subscription) - Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada... "The packaging design is something we've consistently seen people fall down on because they don't realize how important it is. It ...

FEATURE ARTICLE:Smart Consumer Vs Dumb Packaging

Smart, savvy, sophisticated, educated, intelligent and informed
This is your consumer that will be buying your product. (we hope).

Dumb, stupid, difficult, idiotic, overpackaged or just plain dopey…
This is the package that is supposed to persuade them to buy. Big gap between the two.

So how can your package “Connect” with a smart consumer?
Let’s find out.

What is a package any way? It could be a box or a container or anything similar. We all know it conveys a product from point A to point B. Besides the obvious of getting it there undamaged or not broken, what's a package supposed to do?

Consumers barely take the time to look at all the new product offerings. Most of the time they shop on autopilot and buy the same brands they always do, so the role of the package has changed dramatically in the last decade. The package has now become the “first moment of truth” at retail.

And now, especially the package is going to decide whether someone will buy your product, or not. So you better pay attention to not only what goes inside but what's on the outside of the box.

Just because you have a great product doesn't mean it’s going to sell. Or even if you have it in the right retail environment that it's going to fly off the shelf. Packaging a product the right way entails much more than just creating a box or package to put your product in. Sure, you are going to get it there in one piece, we hope. But gone are the days of the box acting as only a protective shipping container. The box today IS the "retail" salesperson. The box or package is expected to provide the necessary information to help make an informed shopper’s decision since there is not a salesperson is available to answer a question. So the package must be the silent salesperson to tell all there is needed to know. What should the package be saying?

“What is this product going to do for me?”

More importantly, how you convey the information about what is inside and how it’s going to help the consumer solve a problem. That's an important factor to remember. When someone looks at your product in their minds they are saying, “What is this product going to do for me?” You know WIIFM, what’s in it for ME the consumer?

So think about your package from a consumer's perspective and not a package designers or package engineers. Consumers are smart, educated and savvy about their product purchasing. Don't get caught up in the notion about what has to be “ON” the box rather what needs to be ON the package to pique or satisfy the consumer's interest. Remember you have to get them to pick up the product first!

Hope you enjoyed this teaser. It's only a small portion of my presentation at Cosmoprof NA. Smart Consumer Vs Dumb Packaging

Couldn't attend this innovative session in Las Vegas? I don't want to spoil all your fun in advance. Order the special reports "Smart Consumer Vs Dumb Packaging?" or Does Your Packaging Speak Human? Scroll down to white papers and special reports at
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