Monday, June 26, 2006

Smart Consumer vs. Dumb Packaging

Smart Consumer vs. Dumb Packaging.
Wow! Look at all the choices out there. For every category, there are dozens of products just like it on the market. So, how smart are consumers? Can they make an informed purchasing decision? Do people really comparison shop or do they just grab the first thing they see from the shelf? What role does packaging play in their decision to purchase?

In this session, you will discover the consumers’ intelligence and the power of your package to take them to school. Are they impressed with labels and logos or are they looking for the best value? Who is the ultimate decision maker and what can you do to influence them? They aren’t stupid! The most valuable information you will gain is how to NOT alienate consumers.

If you don't recognize these critical factors in your marketing efforts your dim-witted package will secure the dunce hat for your product. The product will be dying -- not flying off the shelf.

Hear the Packaging Diva speak at Cosmoprof North America with a brand new program:
Smart Consumer vs. Dumb Packaging
Monday 07/17/06 from 11:00am-12:30pm


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