Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pick the Packaging Diva's Brain

Pick the Packaging Diva's Brain for 15 minutes this Friday, June 9th.

The way it works:
Once you are scheduled, I need your question in advance via email that you wish answeredso I may be prepared when you call.

This is a working session not chit chat so please be ready with your packaging problem. You call me within a few minutes of the selected time slot.

Openings are on a first come first serve basis unless you are a regular consulting client or you have reserved a laser coaching time slot.

All time slots are Eastern time so check your times accordingly. A scheduled session is considered a commitment as others are waiting for the Diva's limited availability.

Please respond ASAP to reserve your session for this week.


Visit http://www.packagingcoach.com/.
You may see someone that has the same packaging problem.

JoAnn Hines
Packaging Diva
Integrating Packaging With Consumers Wants And Needs


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