Thursday, July 06, 2006

Does Your Packaging Speak Human?

INTERVIEW WITH THE DIVA: In response to this headline...
"Universal Music overhauls CD packaging in bid to boost European market sales" Marketplace, the public radio business show asked my opinion about the repackaging of CD's to increase lost marketshare do to the downloading of music.

Unfortunately they didn't get to use the segment but I was surprised to read that Dave Kusek had this to say about the packaging. "DAVE KUSEK: Packaging is not the issue. It's value and convenience is the issue. It's part of a continued denial that the music industry has a problem." So .. THE DIVA'S QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is the jewel box dead? Has any one checked out the Superjewelbox? I went to their site and thought the redesign was great. Not the Sony "green" certification too. Remember my 06 prediction about the growth of "Green" packaging. Look at some of the new innovations my readers have sent at

IN RESPONSE TO MY ARTICLE: "Eat Your Package Not Your Product"
This just in from IFT:BREATH STRIPS JUST THE TIP OF EDIBLE FILM USES ORLANDO— “There’s a huge potential in the edible films…because they can be used as wrappers, sachets, coverings and packaging,” said Pretima Titoria of Leatherhead Food International.

The market for edible films has already experienced noteworthy growth during the past five years. Revenues that were less than $1 million in 1999 increased to more than $100 million last year, according to Tara McHugh of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She says the breath mint and cold medication markets have been responsible for much of that growth.

Titoria said films can be used to hold separate packets of meat and curry, which can be sold together then thrown together in a pot to create dinner. As the film dissolved, it would serve as a thickening agent for the sauce. As always, consumer acceptance is the key, according to Titoria.

“How would the consumer feel about eating something that used to be a package?” Titoria said. “That’s something you have to think about when trying to promote this product.”

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FEATURE ARTICLE: Does Your Packaging Speak Human?

Information overload. We all suffer from it. With a plethora of external influences pulling at retail, what is going to persuade the consumer to zero in and choose your product? More importantly, are you speaking the right language to sway someone to read the product information on the package and make the purchase?

It takes about 2.6 seconds to make a purchase decision. Why will someone pick up your product instead of your competitor's? What compels them to buy your product? What will make your product "connect" over another?

What is the "human speak" of the product package? How can you use it to effectively influence the consumer? Does "warm and fuzzy" translate into more sales? Hear how you can "connect" to consumers through product packaging. Find out what turns off the customer. By the end my session you will have gained the knowledge necessary to hear your package and see your product through the eyes of the consumer.

Can't attend this innovative session in Las Vegas? I don't want to spoil all your fun in advance. Email me back at to order the special report "Does Your Packaging Speak Human?"

Please feel free to use me as a resource when it comes to understanding what packaging markets are hot and what are not. Or what companies are developing the latest in innovative packaging technology.


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