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The Power Of The Package

The Power Of The Package
Packaging News You Can Use
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Issue #1251 - July 25, 2006
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© Packaging News You Can UseBy JoAnn Hines The Packaging Diva

Ian says: I just read one of your articles (Smart Consumer Vs. Dumb Packaging) this morning and have to say after reading release upon release concerning the packaging industry; it was nice to read something entertaining. I am excited about all of the coverage lately concerning the point of purchase value in packaging. However, with Wal Mart announcing that they will be requiring suppliers to submit their packaging for approval I wonder how much of this value could be lost. I am not familiar with what exactly Wal Mart will require but it seems that this could ultimately lead to some fairly homogenous packaging.

DIVA'S QUESTION OF THE WEEK:Do you think tools like this are going to become more crucial as suppliers are being forced to relinquish more control to retailers? Respond back to me at and I'll compile the responses.

FROM THE DESK OF THE DIVA:Back from Las Vegas and suitably toasted. I'm from the South and its hot here but not 115 like Vegas. I think my brain is cooked so I'll make this wrap-up short and sweet. For those of you that couldn't attend, Cosmoprof was great. Its the first time I have been to the show but it was very busy. There was even a packaging pavilion for the beauty industry and I met some great cosmetic companies and industry giants such as P&G that came to hear me speak. I had a great turn out for my presentations. Some people even came to hear both: "Does Your Packaging Speak Human?" and "Smart Consumer Vs Dumb Packaging."

These presentations are not about packaging cosmetics, toiletries or wellness products even though that's who is the conference audience. Its about packaging innovation, looking outside your industry for packaging that works, solves a consumer problem and "connects" with the customer. Then how to translate it back for your specific industry. The bottom line is that in both presentations the questions and issues raised by the audience were the same:
What was my take on the "current" environmental movement as relates to product packaging? Where was RFID going, what were the latest innovations and will it become mainstream?
What are the big differentiators in packaging between the mass and specialty retail markets? How does one determine colors that appeals to target demographics?
What technologies do I see that are new and innovative?
How can we resolve the consumer dissatisfaction with the plastic clamshell?
What's the most important issue when packaging products for the 50+ generation?

Most of the above topics have appeared in my weekly newsletter "Packaging News You Can Use." A lot of my insights are compiled into two great reports. Find out more at <>

IN RESPONSE TO MY ARTICLES:What's In Your Bottle? and Does Your Packaging Umm, Smell? I mentioned "smelly" packaging in my special reports too. This latest announcementPackaging infuses product with aromasFoodProductionDaily-USA - Montpellier,France... packaging can infuse aromas into food and drink products without changing a its composition, developers claim. The technology may revolutionise the way people ...

If you want to know more about how to package products people will buy? Come hear me speak at this event. If you plan to attend email me for the special code that saves 15%. PROOF: Market Research & Development for Package Design conference is scheduled for Sept. 25-27, 2006 at The Drake Hotel in Chicago.

The Senior Factor: How To Motivate Them To Buy Your Products

Every seven seconds, someone turns 50. With 76 million U.S. boomers in command of today’s buying decisions, the potential for profit and growth from this group is enormous. With 70% of all purchase decisions made in the store your product only has about 2.6 seconds to compel seniors to pick it up. (Or do they even want to be identified as seniors?)

This is your product's first moment of truth: your packaging.
Is it on target to capture the attention of the fastest growing and most affluent group of consumers – the Baby Boomers?

Do you know the right "hot buttons" on or in your packaging to compel this group to purchase your products?

Gain insights into the senior market and find out what packaging sells product, and the best ways for your packaging to connect with these lucrative underserved consumers.

Conference link for more details


The Power of the Package By JoAnn R. Hines Packaging Diva

Hey branders, marketers, product development managers and packaging pros. It's time to step up to the plate with your product packaging. Mainstream advertising is losing ground. No one is paying attention to it any more. That puts packaging in line to take its place and capture the consumer’s attention and get up close and personal.

So what are you waiting for?

Over the last several months, I have shared with you in my articles the reasons that it is imperative for packaging to positioned at the right place at the right time.
• "Retail's First Moment of Truth: The Package"
• "How To Make Your Product Packaging Newsworthy"
• "It's Easy Being Green - Packaging Your “Green" Brand"
• "Launching a Brand at the Super Bowl With Dreadful Packaging"

Now, it's your job to make your packaging work for your brand and your company.

So what constitutes compelling packaging brand? How "connected" are you to your consumer? Here are a few emotion descriptors that your package must convey. Does your packaging Engage, Evoke, and Engross the consumer?

Let’s look first at ENGAGE: to attract and hold by influence or power. Can you say that about your product packaging? Or is your product packaging just the opposite? Boring!

Think about what you can do to improve the odds that your package will engage a consumer: Colors, features, shapes, value and benefits are all ways to reach out with your package.

EVOKE: To call forth or call up as in evoking memories. What about your package will make the consumer recall a successful or enjoyable product experience? How can you make them remember that they were satisfied in buying your product? In case they haven't purchased before, what is going to "connect" them to your product on your package? What is so special about your package that they have to take a closer look?

ENGROSS: To engage the whole attention of (and that's the key point). You have to get their attention to pick up our product before they can even consider buying it. Use features that will capture their interest in seconds because that's all the time you are going to get before they move on.

Another "feeling" word that conveys a strong and compelling brand is TRUST. You must create a place where people look for information and feel more secure doing so. It's important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of security and information. So what about your product packaging conveys the experience that consumers can trust your brand?

Regardless of the reason a consumer may be in the store or looking at your product, introduce them to a "lifestyle" experience . . . trust, security, necessity or even peace of mind. Your package presence needs to call out "Buy Me" because I provide the experience of all of the above emotions.

Product branding is a powerful influence on everyone. It’s important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of happiness, satisfaction, security and information. The best of all brands cross gender, ethnicity and age demographics. That is to say that everyone will recognize and identify with the brand. In my presentation "Does You Packaging Speak Human" I spoke about "Universal Truths" in packaging that cross these boundaries also.

If you have to pick one, the best single word emotional response you can give to the brand is "ENGAGE." People are connected to the brand at all levels. That is a great position to be allied with. So that's what you need to do with your product packaging. You have the brand statement behind you now you need to "ENGAGE" the consumer.

When you capture the power of the package people will integrate your product into their everyday life. They will not just turn to it as a convenience but as a necessity for comfortable living. So create your own story through powerful product packaging. Whatever your category, you should strive to engage, evoke, and engross the consumer to revitalize your brand through product packaging.

I'm not the only one that writes about packaging and its role in society. Neil Kozarsky of THEM Takes a Look at Packaging Professionals and ... PR Leap (press release) - Chula Vista,CA,USA... Not that we should grab people by the arm and say, “Wait, wait…imagine a world without packaging. What would a Kleenex be without a dispensing carton? ... <>>

Remember making a "connection" though product packaging?
This doesn't Gee Haw in my bookNestle Does Dipsy-Doodle To Diet MarketThe Common Voice - Greenville,SC,USA... As long as you slap "fat-free" on the front of the packaging, who cares ... fatten the wallets of these companies that hope to keep on fooling people into buying ... <<>>

Regards:JoAnn HinesPackaging Diva
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