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Controversial Packaging Topics Make Great Media Fodder

Packaging News You Can Use Tip Of The WeekIssue #1255 - August 25, 2006Publisher: JoAnn , © Packaging News You Can UseBy JoAnn Hines The Packaging Diva

From Debora about my suggestion to sell more clear plastic products.
I recently had these made in the Orient for the San Francisco Giants whenever I take a ferry or go to a concert I take my clear back pack. Security everywhere is always praising my efforts to help them out.

As a package designer I took the initiative to design and manufacture this sample. What I find( hard as heck) is to get the appointment with the buyers for these great ideas. No one answers phone calls, no one answers emails, how the heck do you get in to see these people when they won't answer their phone?? and you get stuck in the red tape of automated machines? I find this to be the most difficult part of being what I do well, getting an audience with those who could benefit.
Any ideas for Debora? I'll post the responses.

Last weeks QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Should I move my email address form AOL?
brought thses responses:

Where you have your e-mail is a personal choice. I do not feel it "devalues" the work that you do. Would a "hotmail" or a "yahoo" e-mail address increase the value of your commentary?

If one makes a "decision" as to the value of information provided solely based upon their e-mail address, perhaps that individual needs to reassess their own set of values.

Keep doing what you do.
J. Samuel

If you were I.B.M. or Walmart, yes: use a ...but the AOL address is more personal -- it gives your readers the feeling of more intimate access, as if you are "just one of us."Not to mention AIM (instant message) with which I first made contact.continued success,B. Reid

Any further thoughts?

Will you attend these trade shows/events? (besides coming to hear yours truly*.)
Just X the box and email

Distripak ___Y ___N
* HBA Health and Beauty America ___Y ___N
LabelExpo ___Y ___N
MidPak ___Y ___N
PackExpo ___Y ___N
* PROOF: Market Research & Development for Package Design ___Y ___N
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What Walmart Wants Walmart Gets
It’s only natural: We rate organic goods for substance and styleBoston Herald - United States... Here are some of the latest organic goods on the market, touted as having varying degrees of “certified organic” content. ... The packaging doesn’t help. ...

"What's in Your Bottle"?
It's the bottle you can safely throw awayPeterborough Evening Telegraph - Peterborough,England,UK... step is to recycle and, if that's not possible, making sure packaging is biodegradable is ... The "bio-bottle" is the latest initiative from London-based Belu, an ...

Controversial Packaging Topics Make Great Media Fodder

By JoAnn R. Hines Packaging Diva
Packaging is in the news almost every day. Not in the obvious sense where the package is the focus, but behind the scenes playing an integral role in the story. The problem is most people aren't aware of packaging component and don't understand the importance of its function.

Consider these recent headlines.Consumers Want to Know What's Sweetening Their FoodsNanotechnology Passes First Toxicity HurdleAquamantra Gives the Gift of Luck to This Year’s NomineesThere is nothing mentioned about the packaging in the headline, but when you delve into the article you find out that packaging has a role to play in the outcome. I joke about all the "I Hate Packaging" articles out there, but seriously this topic has not died. We can go from the Oyster Award to Wrap Rage, but it is unlikely that people will stop loving to hate packaging.

Since it won't go away, how can you use this to your advantage? The media, generally, tries to portray two points of view. Knowing that, you want to position yourself to get your name out there and to be the one they call when they want an explanation as to the positive aspects of your type of packaging.

If you have been reading my column for any time at all you will remember that in January I offered my predictions for packaging trends for 06. Some of these are controversial issues that are still in the limelight right now. Just remember there are two sides to every story.

So think about the positive spin on your product packaging. How can you take a media hot button issue or an innocuous subject and turn it to your marketing advantage? You have to make them seek your advice and explanations. The problem is that the media doesn't understand the issues of packaging either. That means that you are going to have to spoon feed them as to why this is important. I like to use the following factoids when I need to get the media's interest in a hurry.

• Packaging is the third largest industry in the US.
• 10% of every dollar spent at retail can be directly attributed to packaging.
• The packaging industry employs over a million people.
• Without a package, you can't have a product.

These facts always open doors beginning with some dialogue. So start watching for those articles that are subliminally talking about packaging. Get your ducks in a row and see how you can piggyback off of them for some media exposure.

Keep these hot button issues in the forefront and create an angle for yourself or your company to tell the other side of the story.
• Anything to do with green packaging or the environment;
• Anything to do with Wal-Mart and packaging;
• Anything to do with hard to open packaging (yes, I know lets beat a dead horse);
• Anything to do with RFID and packaging;
• Anything to do with nanotechnology and packaging.

If you are still brain dead for ideas, go back and look at my past blog topics. They often cover controversial packaging issues. Finally, give me a call and I will tell you what's hot in packaging and what's not -- and the packaging trends of the future.

PROOF: Market Research & Development for Package Design conference is scheduled for Sept. 25-27, 2006 at The Drake Hotel in Chicago.
The Senior Factor: How To Motivate Them To Buy Your Products
4:30 The Packaging Diva’s Makeover Challenge JoAnn Hines, Founder, Women in Packaging, Inc.

Nanotechnology & Food: New Report & Conference AnnouncedNanotechnology News (press release) - USA... Scientist, Dr. Scott Norton, will demonstrate the latest in tracking and tracing technologies for food packaging that have been enabled by nanotechnologies. ...

Product Recalls
Remeber how I always say beware of the unknownMSN Money - USA_ Creative Contract Packaging Corporation is recalling 121 cases of 3.33-ounce IGA ... with a soy ingredient that might cause an allergic reaction in some people. ...

New Package From GPI Turns Hot Dogs Into Fast FranksYahoo! News (press release) - USA... "When most people think of hot dogs, they think Oscar Mayer -- and for the past 30 years, when Oscar Mayer has thought of packaging, they've thought of us ...

We asked our readers about this a couple of week ago.
Calabasas wants to know what people think about polystyrene banAgoura Hills Acorn - CA,USA... Often called Styrofoam, a trademarked name for the plastic polymer widely used to make containers for food or used as insulation and packaging, polystyrene is ...


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Packaging is in the news almost every day. Not in the obvious sense where the package is the focus, but behind the scenes playing an integral role in the story. The problem is most people aren't aware of packaging component and don't understand the importance of its function.



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