Wednesday, June 17, 2009

There Are Two Sides To Every Packaging Story

I have been reading some packaging reviews of some new products being introduced this spring and summer. I’m always intrigued by the interesting perspectives from different audiences.

Case in point when Tropicana introduced their new orange juice packaging the creative crowd raved about the packaging: saying it was sleek sophisticated, modern and very aesthetically pleasing.

On the other hand the consumer hated it, couldn’t find what the wanted and wanted the trademark orange and candy cane straw back on the package.

Which is the true packaging story? Turns out after spending $35 million (yes, 35) Tropicana went back to the original packaging the one the consumers loved.

Now Ritz and Oreo are introducing new product packaging @ Target. I’m seeing the same fracturing of opinions. The creative set thinks the package design is clean, simple and evocative. Consumers ask what’s the purpose of the “retro” look? It looks too simple, unfinished and again confusing to the consumer.

Personally I think it looks amateurish like a package missing the rest of the elements.

But time will tell whether consumer like this new packaging by buying the products. In the case of Tropicana package redesign sales fell almost 20%.

So what’s the moral of this packaging story? Just because it looks cool contemporary or in vogue with the latest packaging trends such as going “retro” it doesn’t mean consumers will like it and continue to buy the product.


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