Friday, June 05, 2009 Where Packages are Judged by the People Who Buy Them...

Amazon, Wal-Mart and most recently YouTube are engaging the consumer in the online feedback process. Tropicana spent 35 million dollars creating a package that consumers hated because they didn't do the consumer interaction right the first time and learned a very expensive lesson. allows you to capture the pulse of the public quickly, effectively and economically:

Avoiding costly packaging mistakes;

Packaging failures;

Packaging that doesn't sell products;

and retail packaging disasters.

How much are you spending to ensure your packaging works?Packaging consultants can charge $250 an hour;While the average packaging design costs $7,000 through to millions. will do it for a fraction of what a typical packaging review or consultation costs with targeted expert commentary and review from experts in packaging design, branding, intellectual property, product development, labeling and manufacturing. brings the consumer to YOU and lets you know what they really think before its too late.Make your 1st and only stop during your packaging development process to ensure your packaging is on target with the right message to the right consumer.

Take a tour and see some of the packages that are being launched now @

You can sign up to launch your package too for a fraction of just sending a single press release. @


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