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Key Elements For Great Packaging Makeovers

Take an honest look at your product packaging. Is it working to your product's best advantage? Are there changes that you have put off making due to lack of time or money? It's time to implement a plan to review one product at a time or a family of products if they are interrelated. An important factor to consider when making any changes is the continuity of the brand. Don't change for change's sake. That only serves to alienate the customer. Keep in mind that old established brands need refreshing too.

Let's face it consumers are a fickle bunch. It doesn't take much to turn them off. In fact, you only have 2.6 seconds to turn them on. That is how long you have to persuade them to buy your product and the only way to do that is through compelling packaging. Make some easy improvements this year to increase your sales. Remember, your package is your number one salesperson and once you have lost the opportunity you may never get it back.

So what can your product packaging do? How will it answer a consumer desire, want or need? If the package is integral to your product then you better start thinking of how you will answer that question.

Here is a start to get those creative juices flowing.
• What can your package do that isn’t being done currently?
• Can you make it easier to use?
• Can you dispense the product in a different manner?
• Can you extend the life expectancy of a particular product?
• Can you offer it in different sizes or shapes than the current market?
• Can you use less packaging materials or environmentally responsible ones?
• Can you make it easier to store or handle?
• Can you make it easier to read or understand what is inside

Even more revolutionary, can your product tells the consumer when the product is spoiled, bad or has been tampered with? Yes, that technology is out there. Look for it to be the coming wave of new package innovation. Any package innovation that provides product security, integrity and ensures the product is uncontaminated is a winner. It is imperative that it fulfills a consumer need for product trust. All of these above are consumer wants, desires, issues or needs. How can you provide them the product packaging that works in satisfying these (in many cases) unmet needs?

People shop by rote and look for what they have purchased in the past. If they can't find it they move on. This is especially important with the proliferation of brands. Don't confuse your core customer either for once they make the switch to an alternative product they may never come back.

When creating a packaging makeover think about the expectations of your consumer using the above list. Before you do a major packaging change the wrong way be sure first that your consumer is connected to the new packaging by marrying the right message to the right consumer.

1 packaging mistake cost Tropicana millions. Could this happen 2 your packaging?
To learn more about what happened click on this link @
I just wanted to explain what could happen if you don't understand your target consumer and send them the right message on your product packaging.

That's what happened to Tropicana they redesign their orange juice packaging and their customers hated it. Many millions of dollars later they returned back to the original product packaging.

So what does this mean to you? If your core message on your product packaging doesn't resonate with your consumer they might not buy at all. You know that I'm one of the foremost consumer product packaging experts and I want to ensure you don't make the same mistake. I've created a packaging "review" program tailored just for you if you have new product packaging or have just completed a packaging makeover or are introducing a new product.

Its very simple, you provide me either with art work or physical packaging samples along with a description of your target consumer and I'll send you a written report explaining why your packaging is or is not connecting with them.

The packaging evaluation consists of several things.
First I will tell you the overall impression of your product packaging.
Second I will cover how connected you message is to your core consumer.
Third I will comment on general areas of improvement or change.
Lastly I will cover any packaging trends that might impact your product packaging.

The way it works:You send me samples or electronic files along with a description of your target audience and packaging strategy. If I have questions I will email them for clarification. I will provide you with a two page emailed report when the evaluation is completed.
You will also get a 20 minute consult with me to cover any remaining issues and any questions you might have.

Evaluations are paid for in advance via my secure storefront on a first come first serve basis and generally are completed within one week of receiving the information. What's the cost to you? $500 well spent to keep you from making a costly packaging mistake. The average packaging development cost is $7,000 so this is money invested in advance of packaging problems.

Here Are Recent Packaging Diva's Projects:
Antiseptic and Cleansing Products
Auto Accessories
Bottled Water and Beverages
Chocolate Candy
Crafts and Hobbies
Cosmetic and Toiletries
Food Products
Hardware Products
Health and Beauty Products
Household Goods
Leisure Activities Products
Lawn and Garden Accessories
Metal and Decorative Tins
NASCAR Products
Orthopedic and Ergonomic Products
Outdoor Sports and ActivitiesPackaging
Pet Products
Pumping and Dispensing Projects
Small Appliances
Snack Crackers
Shower Accessories
Travel Accessories

I'm scheduling April reviews now so if this is of interest email me your contact details please and I'll give you a call to discuss or you may call me at 678-594-6872.

Don't be like Tropicana and have an epic packaging fail that could cost you some serious bucks (way more than $500. So don't wait till its too late. Schedule your packaging review now.

Happy Packaging!
JoAnn Hines
Packaging Diva
All Packaging For People And Products


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