Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Has Twitter Got To Do With Packaging?

Some forward thinking companies are incorporating the use of Twitter ID's on their product. The story broke this week Pepsi has included a Twitter tag on the can of its newest line of bubbly drinks Pepsi Raw.

If you are not yet a Twitter aficionado, Twitter is the latest and fastest growing social media. Brands are capitalizing on its followers to create evangelists for their brands. Adding a Twitter tag line on product packaging is the method of connecting with their core customer for their opinions and suggestions. While Pepsi Raw is not yet available in the states other brands are considering this very option as the latest social marketing tool.

So how does this work and what is the purpose?
The Twitter ID on the product packaging allows consumers to send direct comments to the company in 140 characters or less what they think about the product. At the same time CPG companies are tweeting too are offering free sample coupons and the latest information. Its a win-win for both parties.

The beauty is: Its immediate, its easy and its accessible and people love it! What's better way to connect with your customers in "real" time that putting your Twitter ID on the product packaging?

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