Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Packaging Boot Camp For Entreprenueurs, Small Business and Inventors

You have a product - RIGHT?
You need a package - RIGHT?

You realize your package is your best sales agent – RIGHT?
You know nothing or very little about packaging - RIGHT?

You have no idea where to start - RIGHT?

That's what this workshop is all about. It has been designed to give you the nuts and bolts for packaging. It offers all of the fundamentals necessary to package your product to sell.

Before you ask why you need this workshop think about this: without a package you can't have or sell a product.

You want to sell your product - RIGHT?

If you plan on selling ANYTHING you better have the right packaging. The package is vital to your product’s success. You have invested in your product, don’t stop short of the finish line and leave out the most important component.
Spend half of a day with the Packaging Diva, the number one consumer products packaging expert, and learn how to package your product for sales success.

Session 1: What Is a Package Anyway?
· How can I use it to market my product?
· What packaging materials are available?
· What is the role of product packaging?

Session 2: Packaging’s Pesky Problems
· How should I package my product?
· How do I find a vendor for small quantities?
· Can I use prestige packaging on a shoestring budget?

Session 3: Understanding the Consumer
· What do consumers want on their product packaging?
· What will make a consumer pick your product up off the shelf?
· How can I differentiate my product packaging?

The Makeover Wrap-up:
Bring your concept, product or your package and get up close and personal with the Packaging Diva. She will give you her expert opinion on what's right and wrong with your packaging.

Who Should Attend
Small businesses, inventors, entrepreneurs . . . anyone who has a product that they want to sell.

Date – November 8.
Time - 8:00 - 12:00 noon
Place: Chattahoochee Technical College
980 South Cobb Drive Bldg H
Marietta, GA 30066
Fee: DISCOUNT -- $195 Advance Registration by Oct. 30 -- $245 by November 7.
To register call 770-528-4550.
For more information email packagingdiva@aol.com
Fees must be paid in advance to secure a registration.

Packaging Boot Camp is also for you if you reply “yes” to any of the following statements:
· I need a better package for my products.
· I want my package to capture the consumers’ interest.
· I plan to sell my product to major retailers.

Don't delay. Register early. The number of participants will be limited to ensure a productive learning experience.

Can't make Ft. Lauderdale? This program will be repeated in Atlanta on November 8 at Chattahoochee College. Email packagingdiva@aol.com for more details.

About the Instructor

JoAnn Hines, the Packaging Diva, has more than 30 years of expertise in the packaging industry.She has been interviewed on TV and radio, traveled to China as a packaging summit guide, worked with the Small Business Administration (SBA), and spoken at the White House (twice). Why do clients seek her out? They flock to her because she knows how to package products so that people will buy them. When Faith Popcorn made her business trend predictions for 2006, she called JoAnn to find out what was going on in the world of packaging. Businesses large and small call upon the Diva to solve their packaging problems and to ensure that their packages work to sell the product.

JoAnn’s advice and articles appear in virtually every US packaging industry publication, numerous business and international publications, and on many website portals. She is an accomplished author, speaker, publisher, marketer, and e-commerce expert. She has received numerous leadership awards and among other honors was named "One of the 50 most influential packaging leaders in the 20th century." She is the founder of Women in Packaging, Packaging Horizons Magazine, Packaging Career Hotline, Packaging Coach, Packaging Diva and Packaging University.

In her true take charge style, JoAnn is harnessing her many years of expertise to share it in an innovative workshop, Packaging Boot camp. This hands-on curriculum allows participants to get up close and personal with the Diva and provides ample time to pick the Diva’s brain for solutions to packaging issues and answers to the package’s sales ability.

Member: Georgia Inventors Association; United Inventors Association; Institute Of Packaging Professionals Consultants Council


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