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Produce Packaging Crisis

Produce Packaging Crisis
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Issue #1257 - September 22, 2006
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Produce Packaging Crisis by JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva
It's sad to say but it takes an event like the ecoli outbreak resulting from tainted spinach for the media to take notice of the role packaging has to play in our society. Now it’s coming under some serious scrutiny. I was surprised to hear network TV mention the packaging and food security this week and tie it to the threat of bio-terrorism. Are they finally waking up to the role packaging has to play in modern society?

I have been speaking about the issue of food security for years and repeatedly discuss what a threat it can be. I almost always mention it somewhere within my programs and it seemingly falls on deaf ears. I even have it listed in my media profile. Guess what. I haven't received a single call wanting to know more about packaging and security. Do you think my phone will ring off the hook now?

Well, the big boys are finally getting into the packaging picture. Did you know that the U.S. food supply is governed by a complex system administered by 15 agencies? Most people only think of the FDA. The point is, however, that you need to understand the ramifications of incidents such as the ecoli outbreak and the role of your product’s packaging. Many times an incident like this is totally out of your control. It may not even be in your product category but it can impact your business in serious ways.

For example look for "spinach" issues to spill over into other fresh products, such as lettuce, carrots, broccoli and so on. You need to understand how what happens with one product can crossover into other similar or like products. On the news this morning, they mentioned products being packaged in certain types of packaging. I actually heard the word "clamshell" mentioned. So packaging is in the picture. Now what do you plan to do about it?

But no matter what the outcome of where and how the product’s integrity was compromised, there will be ramifications on product packaging.What process of security validation do you have at your packaging manufacturing plant? Do you monitor who is going in and out of your facility? Several years ago I visited a flexible packaging manufacturer that had a very elaborate security procedure for identifying not only visitors but workers too. I was impressed that they thought about the impact of a potential threat to their packaging manufacturing long before it became a mainstream security issue.

You need a proactive strategy to protect your packaging interest and in many cases to utilize it as a marketing tool. Does your product/s have this "hot button" issue? The package can be easily opened and tampered with. Start rethinking how you can resolve the situation. Consider the clamshell. Many of these packages just pop open or have no security measure whatsoever. I know it’s important for people to see and have access the product. But I suspect there will be a demand for some type of security device to show that the clamshell has not been opened or tampered with. That being said, you better FIX it. In any case, I'd start marketing the "security" angle in your product packaging and if you don't have one get started.

Also be prepared for the "worst case" scenario even though its not the packaging's fault there is even some speculation that the category of "prewashed" greens produce might entirely disappear it from the supermarket if they can't get a handle on keeping it uncontaminated.

This issue will continue to be in the media forefront now that they have recognized that there is a problem. Let’s just hope that a more serious event doesn't have to occur to have companies sit up and take notice of how important the role of packaging security is to modern society.

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