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Meet JoAnn Hines The Packaging Diva's At Ladies Who Launch

JoAnn Hines the Packaging Diva will be the facilitator in the break out session in the afternoon, so come and pick her brain about your packaging problems and questions. As her guest you can use this special code ATLLIVE. And save $20 off registration. Mark this day on your calendars, you won’t want to miss it. Honor yourself by exploring your feminine entrepreneurial and creative potential. Register at

Date: NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Time: 9 - 4:30

This is an exciting workshop you won’t want to miss. Whether you are launching a business, hobby, passion or artistic endeavor. The day will be filled with inspiring speakers in addition to the Packaging Diva JoAnn Hines sharing their success stories.

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JoAnn Hines (The Packaging Diva) work is featured in Package Design magazine, Shelf Impact, Webpackaging and many other packaging portals and magazines. In the months of Sept. and Oct. her packaging commentary was used in Chicago Tribune (2), Entrepreneur Magazine and Cision.

She is recognized as one 50 most influential packaging leaders in the 20th Century and is the founder of Women In Packaging

Hear her commentary on packaging and manufacturing at

Is Your Product Packaging Newsworthy?

Packaging News You Can Use
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Issue #1284 - October 26, 2007 :



Want To Sell Your Product to Target?

Selling your products in large retail outlets may seem like an impossible dream. But it's not as hard as you might think.

In a new Special Report, "Skyrocket Your Sales by Getting Your Product in Target," you'll read how Christa Sorauf, Creative Director of Connexxions, Inc. licensed her product and got it on the shelves at Target. Today her greeting cards, manufactured by American Greetings, are also in Wal-Mart and next year they will be in 35,000 retail outlets. The Connexxions folks get a royalty for every unit sold.

The Report, written by Margie Zable Fisher, shows you, step-by-step, how to sell your products to Target -- even if you're a small business.

The Report is only $49 -- a real deal, considering that the initial
order for Target stores is often 9,000 products or more. You can get
more information here:

Is Your Product Packaging Newsworthy? by JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva

I see hundreds of releases on product packaging every week. For the most part I read the headline and say to myself “who cares.” That in itself is very telling because I am a packaging junkie and I’ll read almost anything that has to do with packaging.

Recently, mainstream media coverage of the packaging industry has been more in-depth than usual. I see dozens of articles about packaging each week. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the news articles deal with negative perceptions of packaging and its influence on society. From bottle water to excess packaging the packaging industry is getting a bad "wrap." You can help change all that by portraying your product packaging in a positive manner.

So how can you get your product packaging seen by the media in a more favorable light? Make sure that your packaging is connected to one of the more popular news trends or consider what the media will be covering outside of the obvious "breaking" news items unless of course you have a product that can "connect" to the most current story.

Start thinking about your product packaging and how it can connect with the media coverage. A few examples of topics the media will be covering in the future include:

· Any thing to do with diets, weight loss or healthy eating.

This topic perennially becomes newsworthy as the holiday season approaches. This topic also offers opportunities for coverage in niche publications too, such as woman-oriented or fitness publications.

· Products that are geared around breast cancer or the Fight For The Cure.

The media is giving more and more coverage to this topic every year. Pink packaging abounds. But even if your packaging isn't pink you can still piggyback of the media spin.

· Products that are marketed to or designed for the 50+ generation.

The "boomers" topic is getting substantial media play in virtually every type of publication. If you are marketing in this space, contact a few publications and find out what they will be covering in the next issue.

· Look for media spin on anything to do with the environment, recycled materials and bio-based packaging products.

The environment is hot right now, so this topic is definitely worth getting excited about. I just judged a brand new packaging competition for the Produce Marketing Association and one of the biggest categories was sustainable packaging materials. If I was the winner of that category I'd be all over the media with my product packaging.

· Seasonal holiday innovative packaging.

Not your old holiday standbys but something really unique and creative. I always recommend thinking about secondary uses for your product packaging. The holidays are a great time for “keepsake” product packaging

· Investigate a pitch less commonplace to the media.

For example, recently I read about deli labels featuring CBS’ new prime-time lineup are the network's latest attention-grabbing marketing plan. What a great concept. I'd be using this idea for every holiday promotion.

By tying your product packaging into a hot topic or trend, you can help counteract negative publicity about the industry such as the upcoming Consumer Reports "Oyster Awards" articles which condemn product packaging every Christmas holiday. So, keep your eyes on the look out for ways and opportunities that will paint your product packaging to the media in a favorable light and not portrayed as too much, excess or over packaged.

Read my weekly newsletter Packaging News You Can Use too. Each week I pick a packaging issue that is either getting media coverage or will be in the near future. Look at me as your "packaging prognosticator or forecaster..

You CAN make your product packaging newsworthy with the right slant and the right message. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination.


Green Packaging Products

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... International Paper is taking a comprehensive approach to sustainability across all of its paper and packaging products to include forest management, ...

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This latest achievement will make them a model for other small to mid-sized manufacturers and other businesses to follow here in Connecticut and nationally ...

Express & Echo - Exeter,England,UK
... to encourage people to use their own shopping bags. There is to be a special day of action against excessive packaging in Exeter on Saturday . ...


MOI in print
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And the bottled water battle rages on
Buying bottled-water hype drains resources
Kansas City Star - MO,USA
It's as basic as packaging water, which has become the second-largest commercial beverage by volume in the United States. It astounds me that people pay for ...

If you are in pharmaceuticals this is important.
First Complete Solution for California Electronic Pedigree ...
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The solution combines the latest 2D- and RFID-enabled packaging components and systems technology with the leading ePedigree serialization and tracking ...

Wine trade shaken up by pouches and PET
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Brand owner The Company of Wine People said the packaging format was designed to appeal to younger wine drinkers and to broaden the usage occasions. ...

ShockWatch Labels Warn of Dropped or Roughly Handled Packages
By Cindy Ramos
Shockwatch_label_2 The ShockWatch Label is an impact detection device that affixes directly to shipping cartons. It contains a tiny vial filled with a special liquid that turns from clear to red if a package has been dropped or roughly ...
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How To Find A Packaging Supplier For Small Quantities.

Packaging News You Can Use
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Issue #1283 - October 19, 2007


Message From The Packaging Diva:

JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva will be happy to share her expertise with you here...







This is an exciting workshop you won’t want to miss. Whether you are launching a business, hobby, passion or artistic endeavor.

The day will be filled with inspiring speakers sharing their success stories.

JoAnn Hines the Packaging Diva will be the facilitator in the break out session in the afternoon, so come and pick her brain about your packaging problems and questions.

As her guest you can use this special code ATLLIVE. And save $20 off registration.

Mark this day on your calendars, you won’t want to miss it. Honor yourself by exploring your feminine entrepreneurial and creative potential.

Feature Article: How To Find A Packaging Supplier For Small Quantities
by JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva

This will probably be one of the hardest tasks you have associated with getting your product to market. Many packaging manufacturers simply don't handle small quantities so it’s important to find a supplier that works with minimum quantity or small quantity orders at the very beginning. Fortunately there are now many resources available to someone starting the process of packaging their product.

First you need to decide the absolute minimum quantity you can order. Chances are you may end up ordering more but what you don’t want is a lot of excess packaging that you paid for and can’t use or packaging that ends up not being what you were expecting. Your packaging will evolve too so don’t be concerned if you can get exactly what you want the first time.

Start by asking your existing resources or vendors who they know and who they use or recommend as a packaging supplier. Believe it or not sometimes you can find the name of the packaging manufacture on existing packaging too. See what you like then try to find out who made it and give them a call.

Keep it simple to begin with. I know you have visualized fantastic or exotic package designs and as your business grows you will be able to order custom packaging for your products. But in the beginning you may need to decide to keep it relatively simple and use what is readily available

Today there are many great options available in small quantities. Suppliers have finally recognized that there are many small business clients out there too. Before you spend a lot of time and development creating a package you can’t afford or can make you need to determine what’s available at the right price and in the right quantities. I know your product is fantastic, but you still may need to start out on a smaller scale than you envision.
Here are places to look for suppliers of small quantities.

Yellow Pages:

Pick up your local yellow pages. There are a lot of companies known as packaging distributors. They buy in large quantities and the break it down into smaller units for resale. Many of them have distribution centers around the country. Look under container, boxes, shipping materials or supplies in category headings.


There are numerous companies that have catalogs of packaging supplies and materials. Many of whom carry a large variety of stock sizes, ship to your door and have no minimum order quantities. Uline is a good example of this type service of carrying a variety of packaging products and supplies with delivery in a few days.

Trade Associations:

Contact the association headquarters for the type of packaging you seek. They help their member get business so they will know which of their members deal in small quantities. Many times there are member directories right on the website.

The National Association of Container Distributors is a good example.

NACD is a professional association of rigid packaging distributors who supply bottles, tubes, pumps, sprayers and other closure systems and most of their members deal in small order quantities.


With the advent of the Internet you don’t need a storefront presence. Many of the companies broker packaging materials, they source supplies and do all the work for you. They make carry packaging in conjunction with other products especially in the niche markets.

One of my favorite sources for packaging innovation around the globe is WebPackaging They are the largest global online packaging resource It just so happens that I write articles on packaging for them too.

Niche Markets:

There are many niche market associations out there for example if you deal in the hand made toiletries and beauty industry there is an association dedicated just for them. Indie Beauty There are numerous packaging supplier members that provide small quantities of packaging for this market.

Container Stores And Other Retail Outlets:

Just by their name you recognize that they are a source to find the most unique containers. Many people just go to these stores and buy supplies. Other stores include craft stores, hobby and home centers where they have lost of decorative containers and accessories.

Lastly don’t overlook current suppliers. They have existing relationship lean on them to help you find appropriate resources. Designers, graphic artists, product producers all have sources. You may be able to open a door to a relationship even if your quantities aren’t quite large enough.

Don’t wait however till you have a product then end up in a bind to get a package made. This process should start at the very beginning.

Need to understand the latest packaging trends and how they will impact consumer product purchasing? Visit the Packaging Diva website or contact the Packaging Diva by phone 1-678-594-6872 or via email at

Local is No 1 Choice for Ethical - London,UKThe number of Britons choosing food products with minimal or no packaging has also surged. Shoppers who say they actively tried to buy products with little ...

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Consumers Welcome Frugal Packaging, Shun FancyKorea Times - South Korea... people) prefer to buy from a company with a strong environmental reputation, which encompasses their various green efforts _ including product packaging ...

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CopyCat Packaging
After a Good Fight, David Forced to Settle with - New York,NY,USATerraCycle, a small fertilizer company that was sued by Scotts Miracle Gro, will change its packaging and advertising claims.

New Wine in ... Uh, Juice BoxesTIME - USASo when he merely suggested in 2005 that wine companies find more environmentally friendly packaging, innovations happened fast. The latest is Yellow Jersey ...,9171,1657819,00.html

PRIVATE LABEL:Stores Try To Create Brand For Private Label Food []RTT News - Williamsville,NY,USAConsumers, while previously wanting the packaging to underscore the value of the product, have begun to realize that cheaper doesn't always mean poorer

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Celestial Seasonings Brings a New Sense of Adventure to the Tea ... - USABeginning this month, Celestial Seasonings is introducing new packaging, a bold new logo and an exciting new approach to how it delivers tea. ...

2007 Bottledwaterworld Design Awards - Winners Announced

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Is Your Packaging In The Pink?

Packaging News You Can Use
Tip Of The Week Issue #1282 - October 5, 2007


Miss ME? I JUST LAUNCHED so that has been my objective for the last two weeks. I've been interviewed on the phone too. Check these out.

Chicago Tribune

Entrepreneur Magazine

Consider this:Your packaging is as important as your patent....Inventors invent products, but it is the packaging that is going to sell them. The average consumer spends less than three seconds making up their minds whether or not to buy a product. Consequently, you need to influence that purchasing decision. The best way to do that is with the right packaging. The right package is your "silent salesperson" and it will create the buzz that will compel consumers to pick your product off the shelf or place an order from the Internet.

Packaging is your finest and most cost effective option to persuading consumers to pick up your invention and take a closer look. Be aware that packaging an invention or a product is complicated. One mistake and you could be back to square one -- not only will the consumer not buy your product it may not even see the retailer’s shelf. Everyday I hear horror stories about product packaging that failed at retail or never made the grade to make it to the shelf. Recently, a QVC representative told me that only one out of five products make it through the QVC quality process. She indicated that much of the failure is derived from poor packaging.

When that happens, unfortunately, you have wasted a lot of money in the process. The average product invests $7,000 in package design and development before the launch. So, it pays to do it right the first time and understand the obstacles before they become insurmountable.

So what's an inventor who knows nothing about packaging or even where to start supposed to do? I have created just the resource for you, "Packaging Your Invention." You can find packaging insider tips, technologies and packaging innovations to help you get started at There is plenty of free advice to point you in the right direction.

Why should you listen to me? I have more than 30 years of extensive experience in packaging. When I spoke at the Invention Show, a listener had this to say about my program on "Packaging Your Invention To Sell." "I learned a lot of good information about packaging. Your class opened my eyes to the importance of good packaging and how it relates to your invention's success. I could tell that you have extensive knowledge and keep up on all the trends of the industry."
The Average Inventor

So don't wait until it is so late that you are going off in the wrong direction with your product packaging. When you think about your patent, think about your packaging too. The most important thing to remember is that without a package you cannot have an invention in the market place and without the right packaging your invention will never sell. Your packaging is as important as your patent

Is Your Packaging In The Pink? by JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva

I'm sure you are aware of the fact that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s interesting to see how much awareness the consumer goods companies have taken in this as a marketing ploy since I started writing about cause marketing packages a couple of years ago.

This week, I received no less than five press releases about pink product packaging coinciding with the Susan Komen Race For The Cure and breast cancer awareness month. It ran from cereal to pasta. Heck, General Mills is partnering with Ellen DeGeneres to support the Race for the Cure this year and last year NASCAR was in the pink.

This is a far cry from the marketers a few years ago. As it turns out, many new companies are jumping on the "cause marketing" bandwagon in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by offering products in pink packages.

Right now breast cancer is the most popular female issue used in "cause" marketing. It is closely identified with marketing to women, the 80+% purchaser and decision maker of all consumer goods categories. So companies are thinking that pink is a win-win with female audiences. Yoplait, as well as Campbells Soup, has been supporting breast cancer for a number of years .

But let’s look at this a little more closely. It is important to recognize the fact that not all women are swayed by supporting a cause in their purchasing decision. It’s more complicated than just slapping a new (pink) label on the package or putting products in pink boxes. You have to connect with her in a meaningful way too. If she is not convinced about the validity of the product, then putting it in a pink package will not sway her either.

I am not sure how much each CPG company is donating to the cause but this presents a great opportunity for "cause marketing" through product packaging. You can capitalize through product packaging on other causes too. In fact, you can create ongoing cause marketing campaigns throughout the year with a little creative license.

I just received a release from Miller High Life for their Blaze Orange beer can supporting the cause for "hunting." Just kidding, but seriously everything is fair game (tee hee, no pun intended)

A word of caution be sure and consider this. There are two sides to this issue; 1) Companies that really believe in supporting the cause for which they are endorsing who develop pink products in the case of supporting breast cancer, AND 2) Companies who are use a cause as a marketing gimmick to sell more product. In this case, many people question the amount of money that is actually donated. Is it insignificant compared to the profits made during a special cause marketing campaign? I think the issue revolves around the words "a portion of the profits" and that varies from company to company.

But whatever your opinion -- whether you are induced to make a purchase or to support a cause -- packaging for cause marketing is here to stay. The question is can you make it profitable for your company to support this endeavor. Will your customer, the ultimate decision maker, look at your company in a favorable light or be turned off because they think you are out there to make a quick buck just because it’s a popular initiative at the moment? So think pink or not, be sure and understand how and why pink product packaging might impact the bottom line.

Need to understand the latest packaging trends and how they will impact consumer product purchasing? Visit the Packaging Diva website or contact the Packaging Diva by phone 1-678-594-6872 or via email at

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I predicted this a while ago
Product packaging works harder, gets weirderBlogging Stocks - USASome household product manufacturers are looking to make their once utlitarian packaging so pleasing that people may be willing to display it in their homes ...

And interesting twist
CBS promotes fall lineup on food packagingCrain's New York Business - New York,NY,USA"We get people when they are least expecting messages about entertainment, but they are very receptive to them." The promotion involves the printing and ...

Remember my article 100 calorie snacks smart or stupid?
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More bottled water woes
On the anti-bottled-water bandwagonLos Angeles Times - CA,USAThe company is investigating other environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, a spokeswoman said. Coca-Cola Co. has redesigned bottles for its Dasani ...,1,4661430.story?coll=la-headlines-business-advert&ctrack=1&cset=true

JoAnnPackaging DivaAll Packaging All The Time

Packaging Your Invention

JoAnn Hines (The Packaging Diva) work is featured in Package Design magazine, Shelf Impact, Webpackaging and many other packaging portals and magazines. In the month of July her packaging commentary was used in Ad Age, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and The Wall Street Journal. She is recognized as one 50 most influential packaging leaders in the 20th Century and is the founder of Women In Packaging

Hear her commentary on packaging and manufacturing at