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Do It Yourself Packaging

The Packaging Diva says......
The average cost to design a retail package is $7,000.

What’s $70 to get it right?

Considering that the cost of designing an average retail package is $7,000, what’s $70 to get it right (or risk spending thousands more to fix it later)!

The Do It Yourself Product Packaging Workbook was created by the most successful consumer product packaging expert who has done it over and over and over...and she shows you how to do it, step-by-step.

This kit will save you lots of time and money.

Listen, I have been there. I know how hard it is to have a great idea or product, and to have to dig through mounds of information to learn how to package it.

All the 'work' is done for you. You have probably found out how overwhelming packaging your product can be. You will receive expert guidance, tips, and proven strategies to bring your product to market.


It’s a tangle of information out there and what you don't know CAN get you into trouble. (Just look at of all the news stories that deal with packaging.) In fact, your product may never see it to the retail shelf if you don’t do your homework.

People always contact me whenever they are in trouble. Most of the time it is after the fact and they want the quick fix to their packaging woes. Well, it doesn't work that way. Packaging is a complicated intricate process. Understanding it requires time and consideration. It’s not just about getting the product there. It’s also about getting the product to SELL.

That's where the unique role of packaging comes into play. Packaging is a complex equation. It IS the sales person. It IS your brand. It IS your company and if you haven't given it the consideration it deserves it will fail or most certainly not live up to its expectations.

Everything you need in one simple workbook. The workbook includes over 30 years worth of information on packaging products.

The workbook covers the following topics:
• The "Nuts and Bolts" of how product packaging works;
• The "How To" of packaging your product to sell;
• The "Inside Scoop" on finding a packaging supplier;
• How to have premium packaging on a startup budget;
• How to avoid packaging disasters;
• And best of all, how to get started packaging your product.

Additionally, it includes many special "cheat sheets" and "resource" lists that will save you time and energy.

Why? Because I have done all the work for you. I know how packaging works.:
Some special bonuses include:
• The "how to" of getting started on package design.
• Packaging Terms Directory
• Packaging Trade Association List
• Packaging Magazines list.

If you know nothing about packaging and don't know where to start or even how to find a packaging supplier, you have come to the right place. Of course you won't get the personal one-on-one with me, the Packaging Diva, but this is the next best thing and it’s a fraction of the price of the Boot Camp.

The Packaging Boot Camp Workbook CD is only $69.95. It's the next best thing to having the Packaging Diva by your side to answer all those pesky packaging questions.
So don't wait until it’s too late. Order the workbook now before you flounder in product packaging problems.

NOT SURE YET? Read the Table of Contents

Introduction: Why you need this resource. I have complied 30 years of expertise into one easy to use workbook.

Who Is The Author: About the Packaging Diva. Why I can help you develop product packaging that will SELL.

Why I Wrote This Workbook: The story behind the workbook. I get hundreds of inquires a week asking for help. This workbook tells it all.

How To Use This Workbook: The are lots of references and example I want to ensure you understand how to utilize this resource to your best advantage.

What Is A Package Anyway: Basics about the role of product packaging and what it is more that just putting the product in a box.

Packaging’s Pesky Problems: What happens when packaging doesn’t work? What might happen to your packaging that you never considered.

Understanding The Consumer: One of the most important things you need to know. What works in wooing the consumer and what doesn’t.

Packaging As A Marketing Tool: Why packaging is the best method to sell your products. And how it is your most important sales too.

Packaging That Works: What works and what doesn’t. How the right packaging WILL make a difference.

Utilizing Packaging Innovation: What’s new in the world of packaging? How can you incorporate into your products.

Packaging Snafus and Problems: Examples of packaging that failed and why. Thinks you need to know before the fact.

External Influences That Impact Product Packaging: Things that can happen outside of your control. What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

How To Find A Packaging Vendor: Simplifying finding a vendor that wants your business and deals in to quantities YOU want to order.

Questions To Ask A Package Designer: Where to start , what to ask and whether you need a designer.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers: Questions that are most commonly asked about packaging and the answers.

Packaging Terms Directory: Explanation of all the technical terms you need to know. You will be able to understand what packaging materials are made of and how they are made.

Packaging Trade Associations List: A list of the most relevant associations that can help you with your business.

Packaging Trade Shows List: A list of the most relevant packaging trade shows that you should attend.

Packaging Article Addendum: Pertinent articles from the Packaging Diva relative to the explanations and examples.

Packaging Example Addendum: Examples of the most important types of product packaging so you can see and understand the different types.

Other Resources And References: Other resources you can use and need to be aware of.

Additional Relevant Articles By The Packaging Diva: Additional articles relevant to packaging your products to sell.

But if you are still not sure..... Here is what people have to say about about my product.

“Great takeaways. Well, worth the time. I can now look at my products in a different light.” -- Jarom Campbell, category manager, Melaleuca, Inc.

JoAnn Hines, the Packaging Diva, has an excellent grasp of packaging trends, technologies and innovations that impact the manufacturing of packaging materials. Barbara Heimlich Vice President Research, Program Management - Paragon Development

The Do It Yourself Product Packaging Workbook CD is only $69.95. It's the next best thing to having the Packaging Diva by your side to answer all those pesky packaging questions.

So don't wait until it’s too late. Order the workbook now before you flounder in product packaging problems.

If you are ready to order now, I have a special bonus for you. "10 Reasons Why Packaging Fails" just for placing your order. So order now on our secure server by going here

What have you got to lose? If your not completly satisfied that this workbook tells it all, I will refund your money.

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