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Ten Packaging To Do's In 07

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Issue #1268 - January 25, 2007
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By JoAnn Hines The Packaging Diva

Consumer Trends That Can Make Or Break Your Business TeleSeminar

February 1, 2007, 4:00 PM EST

You have 2.6 seconds to persuade a consumer to pick your product up off the shelf. Thanks to the proliferation of products available at retail, you have to get their attention - and fast. If you want to make money, it's imperative that you fulfill the consumer’s wants and needs. But, you have to get their attention first!

Understanding and cultivating the consumer is an ongoing task. Consumer preferences can change on a whim. When it comes to product packaging, it's important to understand the mindset behind consumers’ decisions. Each year new trends move into the foreground. Yet, while some are here to stay others move on as quickly as the came into being. Some trends have great power and become mainstream across industries, ethnicities and generations... but which ones?

I know what the consumer wants. I've done the work for you. I have studied the market and I know what's hot and what's not. This valuable information is not available from anyone else.

Join me, The Packaging Diva, for my insightful teleseminar on packaging trends that have the power to increase your sales by making the consumer choose your product.
In this 45 minute fact-filled teleseminar you will:
• Learn how understanding packaging trends can improve your bottom line.
• Find out why your product packaging needs to be trend savvy.
• Discover how your product packaging can incorporate packaging trends to improve sales.

If you miss this event, you may be missing your customer too. Don't stand by while your competition gains the inside track to securing the consumer dollar.

Get the Packaging Diva on your team. Visit to find out about the latest packaging innovations and our upcoming teleclass "Consumer Trends That Can Make Or Break Your Business" or call Danielle for more details at 1-814-288-5451. The seminar will begin promptly at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, February 1, 2007.
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"7 Packaging Resolutions For The New Year"
Charges urged for landfill rubbish
ic - Reigate,Surrey,UK
"We want central government to think about how they can encourage manufacturers to cut down on packaging and therefore cut down on the amount that people ...

"Politically Packaged Packaging"
Public asked to join battle on packaging
Yorkshire Post Today - Leeds,Yorkshire,UK
The authority is staging roadshows this month in Bradford and Keighley to raise people's awareness about the excess packaging used on the goods they buy. ...

me to call it a wrap!
This is Bradford - Keighley,England,UK
"If people are more aware of what they are buying and retailers think twice about the amount of packaging on the goods they sell, hopefully this can further ...

"Produce Packaging Crisis"
Report: Packaging greens linked to E. coli
Science Daily (press release) - USA
More People Are Getting Sick From Eating Fresh Fruits (January 28, 2003) -- Salmonella, E. coli, shigellosis, hepatitis A, and Norwalk -- these food-borne ...

"Baby's Got Bling - You Can Package Anything"
Pepsi Bling Puts Pop in Super Bowl
USA Today
For its first Super Bowl half-time sponsorship, Pepsi is giving away a $100,000 blinged-out soda can to a lucky fan. That person will also get two Super Bowl tickets every year for life.

The sterling-silver can crusted is with 300 diamonds, 100 sapphires and 100 rubies. The design was inspired by past Super Bowl rings, as well as by the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the winning Super Bowl team.

California's latest: karma in a can
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... Though the concept of karma may focus on inner goodness, Mr. Klamer is focusing on outer packaging to entice the same consumers who buy products such as Burt' Bees.

Ten Packaging To Do’s In 2007 by JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva

Well, we are into the New Year and everyone is making resolutions on how to improve in 07. It’s time to think about your product and it's packaging too. Just like we do with our mental, emotional and physical aspects of our lives, think about improving and updating your packaging. You want it to mesh with consumer wants and needs. Consumers are a moving target and what worked last year may not work in the years to come.

Here are 10 simple things you can do to ensure your product packaging is on target and delivers the right message to the right audience.

1) Take an honest look at your product packaging. Is it working to your product’s best advantage? Are there changes that you have put off making due to lack of time or money? Implement a plan to review one product at a time or a family of products if they are interrelated. An important factor to consider when making any changes is the continuity of the brand. Don't change for change’s sake. That only serves to alienate the customer.

2) Give your product packaging to an outsider to review. Ask someone who knows nothing about your product and your packaging to evaluate it. Ask for an honest opinion of what they like or don't like and ask what they think might be missing. Ask them to be objective and honest. Many times product developers get caught up in their own opinions and it’s good to get grounded with an outside consumer perspective. NOTE: Be objective about negative opinions. Delve in to the actual reason someone may not like your packaging.

3) Go to at least five different retail outlets and look for comparable or competitive products and assess their shelf appeal. Is there a particular characteristic that appeals to you? It could be color shape, innovative design. Determine if you think their packaging is better than yours. What stood out in your mind about that particular package? NOTE: You don't want your product packaging to mimic the competition. INSIDERS TIP: Play dumb and ask another shopper to make a decision about which product they like best. Then ask them why they chose that package.

4) Step back from your product on the shelf at least five feet. Does your product stand out among the competition or is it awash in a sea of sameness? Is it difficult to distinguish one product from another? Is there a USP (unique selling proposition) that makes your product more interesting or more consumer friendly? Note: Many private label brands trade on brand recognition from the branded product. If your packaging goes that route, make sure you are not copying or infringing on someone else's design or trademarked product packaging.

5) Walk the isles out side your product category. Look for crossover innovations that can be utilized in your existing product. Look for new ways of dispensing a product such as the new Wishbone Salad Spritzer that moved out of the pourable bottle into a pump dispenser or Laughing Cow cheese that went from traditional foil wrapped individual packages into a squeeze bottle. An innovative concept that changes what people buy is what you are trying to capture.

6) Review trends and predictions for your industry. Is your product packaging inline with where the industry is going? Is your market moving in a new direction or are outside influences driving what is happening to product packaging? A good example is the current movement toward "green" product packaging. Are you so specialized that you may be alienating many potential market opportunities?

7) Read from cover to cover at least two industry publications. Pay special attention to marketing case studies or product makeovers. Look for new innovations or ideas that you can incorporate into your existing product packaging. Read the ads too. They always showcase the latest industry innovation.

8) Subscribe to the industry blogs, e-zines and newsletters relevant to your product. Don't subscribe . . . read them. Pick one or two that you like or that provide pertinent information and discard the rest. There is such a thing as too much information that can either confuse you or make it impossible to make a decision because there is always a new and a better package out on the market.

9) Plan to attend at least one industry trade show. One of the best shows for innovation is INPEX®, America's largest invention trade show. It is a unique exposition showcasing numerous inventions and new products available to license, manufacture or market. The 23rd show will be held June 6-9, 2007. If it’s innovation you are looking for, plan to attend. If you are looking for packaging insights and innovation, please be sure to attend the Packaging Diva's presentation, "Packaging Your Invention To Sell," on the June 7th.

10) Last but not least think about ways to improve your product packaging. Make it easier for the consumer to use, find, carry, store, open or find important information about your product. Some of the simplest innovations can revolutionize an industry though innovative product packaging. Over 12 years ago, Sargento introduced the resealable zipper closure on their cheese packaging. The rest is history.

Whether you can accomplish all ten tasks or just a few, the most important issue is that you decide to move forward one packaging step at a time. Let’s face it. Consumers are a fickle bunch. It doesn't take much to turn them off. In fact, you only have 2.6 second to turn them on. That is how long you have to persuade them to buy your product and the only way to do that is through compelling packaging. Yes, your package is your number one salesperson and once you have lost the opportunity you may never get it back.

Need insights on packaging trends that can impact your business?
Get the Packaging Diva on your team. Visit to find out about the latest
packaging innovations and our upcoming teleclass. "Consumer
Trends That Can Make Or Break Your Business" or call Danielle for
more details at 1-814-288-5451.

Web site picks up where box tops leave off
Edison Sentinel - Edison,NJ,USA
Each entry in the database comes with full nutritional and ingredient information, similar to what one would find on the back of the packaging.

Consumer group calls for boycott over Wal-Mart's organic food purchases
By Jim Frederick, Drug Store News
Monday, January 22, 2007

Asserting that Wal-Mart Stores has done nothing over the past six months to change its purchasing practices for organic milk, an interest group is calling for a boycott of the giant retailer.
The Organic Consumers Association called Thursday for consumers to avoid Wal-Mart and other big-box retailers because of what it charges are misleading practices in the selling of products dubbed organic. Its demand came six months after the group sent an open letter to Wal-Mart urging the company to change the way it buys some products labeled organic.

New DVD packaging allows previews before you buy
DSN Retailing Today
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A new DVD case that lets consumers finally preview a DVD before they pay for it was released today by SeeView Promotions, a Los Angeles-based media promotions company.

"It's about time," said Rick Andrade, SeeView's DVD preview case creator and company president. "Current DVD cases just don't have enough information to help consumers make the best choice. Now they have the chance to preview a movie on 12 3-D slides built right into the bottom of every SeeView DVD case."

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