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7 Packaging Resolutions For The New Year.

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Issue #1265 - December 29, 2006
Publisher: JoAnn Hines ,
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By JoAnn Hines The Packaging Diva

FlexPackCon 2006 December 14 – 16, 2006 Orlando, Florida
was a huge success
Moi gave the opening keynote "Are You Talking to me" on 12/16 (my birthday) to rave reviews.
But don't take my word for it....
What attendees had to say about the Packaging Diva's presentation
"Thanks a lot for sending me such a good presentation. I really liked it and thought it is very interesting and useful to me."
Valeria Garino
Packaging engineer R&D Int´l Division
The Clorox International Company

"The packaging diva knows what the over 50 generation wants in product packaging. Her insightful presentation engaged the audience and made our conference attendees re-evaluate their current practices. She offered great facts and packaging examples that demonstrated the purchasing power of a misunderstood and underserved market. I would definitely recommend her presentation to others and invite her back for future events.”

Lesley Kyle
Senior Event Manager
Society of Plastics Engineers

So if you are marketing to seniors better read this.
Seniors are a prime and growing target audience. Does your product speak to them? Does your product’s packaging compel them to buy it? If not, you are missing a very important market segment. According to Rick Adler, founder of The Senior Network, "Simply based on population growth trends, if a product is marketed to the 50-plus audience and maintains its market share, it should increase in sales by 35 to 50 percent in the next 20 years. Conversely, a brand targeted at the zero to 50 age groups will be flat in sales." Want new business opportunities? This is the place to be.

To read the rest of this special 15 page report click here

"I Hate Packaging"
Toymakers seek to ease frustrations
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin - Ontario,CA,USA
... spokesman. "Packaging is a big issue with a lot of parents, and we get calls to our 800 number all day long from people thanking us.". ...

Friday Edition: Wrap Rage - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... This is a hot-button issue with people. actually did a reader survey and was flooded with nominations for the worst packaging award. ...

Gift Packaging Can Leave You in Stitches
WTOP - Washington,DC,USA
... "I believe that people understand this is a very reliable way to keep the product in good condition.". ... Her nemesis is known as clamshell or blister packaging. ...

"Packaging A Power Player In A Global Society"
1.2 Million More Hefty® OneZip® Bags To Keep Passengers Moving Through Airport Security Checkpoints
Pactiv Corporation, maker of Hefty® brand products, announced today it is offering 1.2 million additional Hefty® OneZip® one-quart slider bags free to airports across the United States.

7 Packaging Resolutions For The New Year by JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva

I'd like you to take a moment to reflect on the past year from a packaging perspective. There were lots of stories in the news both good and bad about the role packaging has to play in our society. One thing that most consumers will think of is the "spinach crisis and plastic clamshells."

But let's think about how we can positively promote our industry in the minds of the consumer for 07.
Set your sites on a few resolutions to create a more lasting impression with the ultimate market for your products: the customer.

First learn to think like the customer. At one time or another, we all shop. Think critically from that side of the aisle. What annoys you in product packaging? Step back and think about what packaging attributes you like and why. Recently, I was interviewed about this topic and why marketers insist on changing well-defined and successful product packaging. Don't get caught up in change for changes sake. Listen to what the customer says.

Understand your target market. Whether its women, men, boomers or a younger generation it’s important to understand what the consumer expects from your product packaging. Does your packaging connect with the consumer in a meaningful way? Here is an example of what I mean by connecting. We all know Elizabeth Taylor and the upscale image she portrays. Remember her White Diamonds campaign? Well, someone persuaded her to endorse a new cologne, Daytona 500. Duh! She went from Diamonds to NASCAR. No consumer can make that leap regardless how well the product is packaged.

Learn from bad packaging examples. There are a number of good ideas that went bad for a number of reasons such as: Fabuloso is a cleaning product that's packaging makes it look like a beverage. It looks and smells like a sports drink, but it's actually a household cleaner. It caused more than 100 poisonings. Don’t forget about Wolfgang Puck’s self heating latte can that exploded or leaked. The product had to be recalled from the shelf.

Learn from good packaging examples. There are so many good examples it’s hard to select just a few so I decided to use some from some "hot" packaging categories. Pets and bottled water. One of my favorites is Bling H20. When I read about Bling H20, I initially thought it was a great marketing ploy but then I realized that primary target demographics: boomers and women would be the ideal audience. These groups have money to spend and are willing to spend it for the right products. The luxury consumable market is also on the rise and products are being created to meet the demand. People are willing to invest in themselves with a little luxury spending so why not luxury bottle water?

Think about this unique marketing and packaging application too. Prepared meals for dogs, sounds good enough for humans to eat. "BENEFUL® ELEVATES PET FOOD TO NEW HEIGHTS WITH INTRODUCTION OF FIRST-EVER PREPARED MEALS FOR DOGS. The difference is visible, as Beneful Prepared Meals showcase the eight, mouthwatering varieties and real food ingredients in clear, ready-to-serve, re-sealable plastic containers.” This was a new packaging innovation in pet food.

Create brand extensions through innovation not just by adding a so called new and improved packaged product. Here are examples of two recent packaging innovations that have crossed over though innovation. Wishbone salad dressing typically marketed in a pourable bottle now has moved into a spray pump application. Spritz a little dressing on your salad. The product fulfills a consumer need to have an easier way of calorie control for people who are watching their weight. Another example is Laughing Cow Cheese in the traditional foil wrapped wedges has moved into a squeeze bottle application, making it easier for portion control and also easier to spread.

Stay on top of industry trends. Two important ones to consider in 07 include:
1) Environmental sustainability or "green" packaging products. What is the truth behind companies touting green packaging for the benefit of society? Environmental issues are a hot topic right now, so people are climbing aboard. Global warming topics are on the news daily and people are looking for scapegoats as to its cause. Companies such as Wal-Mart are driving manufacturers to consider more environmentally friendly options in their packaging materials. In fact, they just unveiled their packaging scorecard to continue their commitment of reducing packaging across its global supply chain by 5 percent by 2013.
2) Private label growth. "PLMA president Brian Sharoff presented the findings at the trade show. According to the survey, 41% of shoppers now say they are "frequent" buyers of store brands, up from 36% five years ago. Seven in ten surveyed said private label products they buy are as good, if not better, than their national brand counterparts, called a significant increase over five years ago."

More trends to watch in my upcoming 2007 packaging trends piece.

Think big picture. One of the most surprising things I read this week was about the most popular web searches on the Internet. Despite the obvious media "superstars" that are popular some of the other "hottest" inquires for name brands that are not American. Yes, I know we are brainwashed to thinking that the USA is the center of the universe, but take a clue this is changing and your packaging had better keep up.

The bottom line is whatever the resolution you make for your product packaging remember the consumer is king/queen. If they demand things as to your product packaging, resolve to listen to them.

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