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Packaging HELP Needed

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Tip Of The WeekIssue #1271 - Feb 23, 2007
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Packaging Diva's Consumer Trends That Can Make Or Break Your Business TeleSeminar

You have 2.6 seconds to persuade a consumer to pick your product up off the shelf. Thanks to the proliferation of products available at retail, you have to get their attention - and fast. If you want to make money, it's imperative that you fulfill the consumer’s wants and needs. But, you have to get their attention first!

Understanding and cultivating the consumer is an ongoing task. Consumer preferences can change on a whim. When it comes to product packaging, it's important to understand the mindset behind consumers’ decisions. Each year new trends move into the foreground. Yet, while some are here to stay others move on as quickly as the came into being. Some trends have great power and become mainstream across industries, ethnicities and generations... but which ones?

I know what the consumer wants. I've done the work for you. I have studied the market and I know what's hot and what's not. This valuable information is not available from anyone else.
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"10 Packaging Trends That Will Make Consumers Buy in 07" January 07

6. The Trend-Make It Mine.
Kleenex Uncorks Its Creative Juices — Tissue Giant Announces Plans to Add Customized Photos to Iconic Oval Packs
In a world where consumers can customize their Nike shoes, M&Ms candies and even their Heinz ketchup labels, the Kleenex box is jumping into the fray. Parent company Kimberly-Clark this week unveiled plans to sell the customized boxes. Each oval-shaped, cardboard pack can now be adorned with photos of just about anyone or anything folks want.

5. The Trend-Greenwash Me.
How Many Trees Went into Your Beauty Products?
While many of us greenies are focused on the environmental impact of roses, chocolate and even adult products on Valentine's Day, Dogwood raised questions about the amount of packaging used for health and beauty products. ...
Asda strives to cut packaging by a quarterPrintWeek - UK“We believe this return to traditional values could have a huge impact on the amount of packaging thrown away every day,” said Asda’s anti-packaging expert ...

Tesco top exec pushes back on green movement. . .
In a recent commentary, Tesco's Terry Leahy says, "We can't get rid of all can't force the pace of change even for sound environmental reasons." Leahy explains the variety of functions packaging perfoms including product protection, freshness and labeling. "So not all packaging is excess or optional. . ."

Packaging HELP Needed By JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva
Perhaps the number one request that I get is: “Help me fix my product packaging.” To which I always reply, “What exactly is the problem?” Surprisingly, very few people can actually answer why their product packaging isn't working. It seems simple on the surface but the true packaging problem might be caused by multiple reasons or a host of things that you have not done. I've created a short check list to help you determine what might create the problem. So, let’s think through a few potential problem areas that are easy to resolve.

1. Can you define your customer? Well, let me give you a clue. It's not everybody (which is a common answer by the way). You should have a target demographic in mind and you have to understand their wants and needs before you can package a product for them. Universal packaging that satisfies everyone. That's a myth. You can't be all things to all consumers. More importantly, your packaging needs to be on target to the right audience with the right message.

Drill down to your ultimate customer. Who is going to purchase your product and why? What is in it for them to purchase your product? Are you answers to those two questions evident on your product packaging?

Here are a few examples:Is the product easy to use or simple to prepare? Are you telling them that on the packaging? Words like easy, simple, ready in X, no assembly needed are crucial to conveying your product’s attributes.

Does the consumer need a solution for a busy on the go lifestyle? What about your product packaging addresses that issue? Is it portable, or easily carried, is it a single serving or portion? Consider this specific example: Campbell's® Soup at Hand® is a great way to eat right when you're on the run. Our heat-and-go microwavable cups let you enjoy sippable soup. Campbell’s saw a problem and provided a packaging solution.

2. Why would someone pick up your product off the shelf?Does it "speak" to your customer or is it tired and dull in comparison to the competition? Is it a different color, shape or does it have a unique feature that differentiates it from another product? Does it intrigue the consumer to take a closer look?

Here is a good example. I recently had occasion to look for some nonstick cooking spray. I went to get my old standby which is PAM. When I got to the shelf I was fascinated by a new entry, Mazola Pure. The uniquely shaped can had a soft subtle textured look that begged me to pick it up for a closer look. The package told me things in simple language: no alcohol, no silicone and fat free. Guess which product I bought?

3. What is your USP (unique selling proposition) about your package? Are you a "me too" brand? Are you mimicking the competition’s product rather than branding your own message? There has been a plethora of look alike products trading on name brands. Is it working? I don't think so. First, you may be infringing on someone else's trademark with "copycat packaging." Second, consumers are seeking out high quality non-branded products. Private label packaging is on the rise at the expense of branded products.

Think about what message you are conveying. Do you want to look like a cheap imitation or is your product packaging standing on its own merits?

4. How much competitive shopping have you done lately?When was the last time you walked the store isles? I know we all have an ego trip looking at our product up on the shelf. But I want you to step back and get a fresh perspective. Are you really seeing it from a consumer’s eyes? Shop other categories too. Look for packaging innovations that can crossover into your product category.

Think about how a novel or unique product packaging approach can solve a consumer problem or issue. One of the best innovative packaging examples I saw recently was the introduction of Wish-Bone® Salad Spritzers. They took a prime target (women) addressed dietary and health issues (weight watching) and provided an innovative way to dispense the product (spritzing vs. pouring).

5. What's new in the world of packaging that you can incorporate into your product packaging? Does your package smell or talk or do a myriad of things that help differentiate your product from the competition? Does your packaging tell you when it will expire or offer a safe date to give the consumer peace of mind in using your product? Think product recall fears. How can your product packaging allay consumer’s nervousness about product contamination?

The consumer wants to buy your product. That's why they are in the store. Make it easy for them to decide on your product vs. the competitor. Talk to them through your product packaging. Make it easy to understand, simple to use and allow it to satisfy a need. Above all, step back and look at your product from a customer’s point of view. What aren't you doing right that makes your packaging need HELP?

Need insights on packaging trends that can impact your business? Get the Packaging Diva on your team. Visit to find out about the latest packaging innovations and "Consumer Trends That Can Make Or Break Your Business" or call Danielle for more details at 1-814-288-5451.

US forests suffer from product packaging
Nearly 25 percent of this demand comes from paper packaging. Nationwide the United States lost an average of 831 square miles (531771 acres) of old-growth forest per year according to official figures. ... Do No Evil Stories -

HP's Redesigned Ink, Toner Packaging to Reduce Greenhouse Gas ...
HP announced that its redesigned print cartridge packaging for North America will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 37 million pounds in 2007 - the equivalent of taking 3600 cars off the road for one year. - all stories -

Advance Excelsior Introduces New Oxo-Biodegradable BubblepackBio-Bubble(R) Provides Companies with Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solution Advance Excelsior Company, a specialist in industrial packaging solutions, has launched Bio-Bubble, the world's first 100% Oxo-biodegradable bubble wrap. It contains Degradable Polymer Products' (DePoly) revolutionary additive d2w(R), which causes plastic products to degrade and ultimately biodegrade in a predetermined timeframe, causing unsightly plastic waste to vanish.


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