Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Valentine Heart Should Be More Than Just A Box Of Chocolate

Well, it’s that time again when hearts are all a flutter with sending and getting Valentine’s Day gifts. Do you know that Richard Cadbury invented the first Valentine's Day candy box in the late 1800s? Or that the Chocolate Manufacturers Association of America reports that 36 million boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine's Day? Cha-ching for candy companies.

I walked several stores to see what offerings were available this year in the chocolate category. Mostly the typical Valentine's Day heart shaped red/pink candy boxes caught my eye. Surprisingly, the Valentine heart box has changed very little over the years. It has a few ruffles, banners or flowers but essentially it’s the same old box. What a waste to not expand the marketing effort and maximize the package to increase sales.

Now I have eaten my share of chocolate over the years, but lately I have been watching the healthy aspects of what I eat. So why aren't these candy manufactures touting the fact that chocolate is good for me. According to a recent study chocolate contains compounds called flavonoids that can help maintain a healthy heart and good circulation and reduce blood clotting which can cause heart attacks and stroke. “More and more, we are finding evidence that consumption of chocolate that is rich in flavonoids can have positive cardiovascular effects,” says Carl Keen, a nutritionist at the University of California, Davis.

Wow! How about that for a great reason to eat more chocolate? No more guilt trips when I eye the candy isle. But I just don't get the concept that marketers don't understand that chocolate equals a good thing. Duh, shouldn't that be emblazoned on every box of chocolate and Valentine box? (Supposedly, it’s only the dark chocolate but I'll make that sacrifice.)

How hard is it for marketers to make that leap? They have the opportunity to sell more chocolate by advertising that it is good for you. And you wives and girlfriends, men say they would rather give a box of chocolate than flowers. How wonderful, an equal opportunity Valentine's Day gift of chocolate.

So the next time an "occasion" comes your way, think outside the box. Literally, think about the outside of the box. The outside of the box can do much more marketing and about deliver ways to sell a product in unique and creative ways.

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