Thursday, January 05, 2006

Packaging For Sex Toys Goes Mainstream

Packaging For Sex Toys Goes Mainstream
Well I was planning to give you my packaging predictions for 06
this week but this headline "From plain brown wrapper to the
drugstore shelf" in Chigaco Tribune spurred me to "capture the
moment" and share my insights, so the 06 packaging predictions
will have to wait until next week.

Its very interesting how many of my predicted trends have been
mentioned in the news lately but this one just jumped out at me
because I just spoke about it at the IIR Marketing to Women
Conference in Dec. It was one of the points I made about looking
for opportunities to market to women in a nontraditional manner and
in new and interesting places.

Quotes from my December report:
"Another unusual category marketing specifically to women has
been the development of packaging for sexually related products.
Previously marketed under a brown paper wrapper. just kidding."

"Other sexually oriented products are now appearing in mainstream
markets with packaging and messages developed specifically for

So what additional valuable insights did I offer on how to
package products
she will buy?
Is it best to use pink packaging or not?
The answer is sometimes and the report will tell you why.
But the number one packaging color picked by women was blue.
Find out what was #2 and what colors did she not like at all.

What will make her pick your product up off the shelf?
That has to occur before she can consider making a purchasing

To get all the answers to these questions and many more
order my special report "If You Package It, Will She Buy?"

Among many of the insights included are these specific product
alcohol and wine, bottled water, food, non traditional women's
products, female oriented products, sexual enhancement and well being
products and pet food.

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