Friday, December 09, 2005

Should I Think Pink On My Product Packaging?

I just got back from speaking at the Marketing To Women
Conference where a full two days of information was revealed on
how to market to women. Great stuff.

I was the only speaker on packaging and was last on the agenda.
Despite the fact that we were on "Information Overload" the
majority of the attendees were still there at the end of day

Usually the last time slot is a bummer but in this case they were
there to hear "If You Package It, Will She Buy?" by yours truly.
Every one stayed to the end even though we all scrambled to get
to outgoing flights on time.

So what valuable insights did I offer on how to package products
she will buy?
Is it best to use pink packaging or not?
The answer is sometimes and the report will tell you why.
But the number one packaging color picked by women was blue.
Find out what was #2 and what colors did she not like at all.

What will make her pick your product up off the shelf?
That has to occur before she can consider making a purchasing

To get all the answers to these questions and many more you will
have to order my special report "If You Package It, Will She

Among many of the insights includes are these specific product categories:
alcohol and wine, bottled water, food, non traditional women's products,
female oriented products, sexual enhancement and well being
products and pet food.

The complete PowerPoint slide and text report is available for
only $99.
Call us at 678-594-6872 to order via credit card or email us at for an order form.


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