Monday, December 19, 2005

All I Want For Xmas Is Someone To Buy My Products!

All I want for Xmas is someone to buy my products!

Well, this is it. Make or break for many companies in the retail
environment in terms of what sells and what will not. Many
factors can be outside of your control but if you have done your
homework at least your packaging will compel him/her to pick it
up off the shelf. A major component of winning the purchase
decision war.

But is it PINK, or not? Does it talk or smell? What features does
it have that makes someone want to buy your product?

To get all the answers to these questions and many more you will
have to order my special report "If You Package It, Will She
Buy?" Among some of the insights are these specific product categories:
alcohol and wine, bottled water, food, fruit, non traditional
female oriented products, sexual enhancement and well being
products and pet food.

The complete PowerPoint slide and text report is available for
only $99.
Call us at 678-594-6872 to order via credit card or email us at for an order form.

So now that the season is upon us what's on tap for new product
development on 06? Do you know who you will be marketing to and
where and how they will shop?

Its too late to rectify any packaging problems for 05 but never
too early to plan for 06.

The next issue will talk about trends in packaging for 06. Where
there are new opportunities and who will be buying what.

If 05 wasn't all you expected in product sales. Then rewind
through some of our trends and predictions in the "Best of The
Diva." Call us at 678-594-6872 to order via credit card or email
us at for an order form.


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