Friday, January 20, 2006

Bombed Out With Boomers? Your Package May Be The Problem

Have you recently introduced a product for the 50+ market that isn't selling? Do you have a good product that you know is marketable, but it simply isn’t moving off the shelves? Your package may be the answer.

The first thing that you have to understand is that 70% of all purchasing decisions are made instantaneously at retail. More importantly, a consumer only allocates 2.6 seconds to deem your product worthy of picking it up from the shelf. If you are marketing to the 50+ generation there are even more important considerations.

So, what is going to differentiate your product from your competitor’s product? Putting a product into a generic package and saying it’s for 50+ simply doesn't work. You need to think about and understand what this age bracket wants on their product packaging.

In order to speak to this audience, ask yourself these few questions when you are doing the package design work.

Can this package be easily read? Readability of a package is the number one consumer concern for those over 50. Think aging eyes and why it's important to be able to read what is inside. Several companies have already taken notice of this fact. Most recently, Revlon launched what it calls the first mass makeup line specifically for women over 50 and it has bigger print on the package. Good move.

Can this product package be easily used, held, opened or carried? Manual dexterity diminishes with age, so if your products are hard to use in their package you are missing an important criteria for packaging products for over 50. This will continue to be an increasingly important issue as our population gets older. Add to that special consideration for people with ailments such as arthritis and it will compound the problem. There are many ways to solve this dexterity issue. Get creative about ways people can interact with the product. Most importantly compel them to pick it up.

Does this product create resonance? Are you telling them they are old, over the hill, aging, graying or other similar nomenclature? Forget it. This generation sees themselves not only as 20 years younger but also as active adults with many fulfilling years ahead of them. So don't talk down or indicate that your product is for someone who is old. Think about what will make them feel good about buying your product And WIIFM (What's in it for me?) Its not enough just to say what you will do. You need to be able to demonstrate and prove that its true to create brand loyalty.

One more insight that you need to factor in to your package decision. Contrary to popular belief the over 50 generation is NOT brand loyal. They will change brands and products for a products that fulfills their needs. So forget about the fact that they might have grown up on this brand. If it doesn't satisfy they will change to a product brand that will.

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