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How To Brand Your Product With The Right Packaging

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by JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva

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Issue #1304 - August 8, 2008


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How To Brand Your Product With The Right Packagingby JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva Think about iconic packaging brands: Coke, Legg's, Tiffany are a few that come to mind. What about these brands caused them to remain in your memory book? The packaging of course.

We remember these brands because of their superlative packaging. So good in fact it has become a cultural icon.

How did these brands differentiate themselves? Was it the packaging color, shape or design?

What captured your interest in the product that made it so compelling

That's what you need to figure out with your product packaging. Half the battle is to get them to pick it up for a closer look. It's your job to make your packaging work for your brand and your company.

So what constitutes compelling packaging brand? How "connected" are you to your consumer? Here are a few emotion descriptors that your package must convey. Does your packaging Engage, Evoke, and Engross the consumer?

Let’s look first at ENGAGE: to attract and hold by influence or power. Can you say that about your product packaging? Or is your product packaging just the opposite? Boring!

Think about what you can do to improve the odds that your package will engage a consumer: Colors, features, shapes, value/benefits or social conscious are all ways to "reach out" with your package.

EVOKE: To call forth or call up as in evoking memories. What about your package will make the consumer recall a successful or enjoyable product experience? How can you make them remember that they were satisfied in buying your product? In case they haven't purchased before, what is going to "connect" them to your product on your package? What is so special about your package that they have to take a closer look?

ENGROSS: To engage the whole attention of (and that's the key point). You have to get their attention to pick up our product before they can even consider buying it. Use features that will capture their interest in seconds because that's all the time you are going to get before they move on.

Another "feeling" word that conveys a strong and compelling brand is TRUST. You must create a place where people look for information and feel more secure doing so. It's important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of security and information. So what about your product packaging conveys the experience that consumers can trust your brand?

Regardless of the reason a consumer may be in the store or looking at your product, introduce them to a "lifestyle" experience . . . trust, security, necessity or even peace of mind. Your package presence needs to call out "Buy Me" because I provide the experience of all of the above emotions.

Product branding is a powerful influence on everyone. It’s important to understand the strength behind the brand and why people turn to it for a sense of happiness, satisfaction, security and information. The best of all brands cross gender, ethnicity and age demographics. "Universal Truths" in packaging that cross these boundaries.

If you have to pick one, the best single word emotional response you can give to the brand is "ENGAGE." People are connected to the brand at all levels. That is a great position to be allied with. So that's what you need to do with your product packaging. You have the brand statement behind you now you need to "ENGAGE" the consumer.

When you capture the power of the package people will integrate your product into their everyday life. They will not just turn to it as a convenience but as a necessity for comfortable living. So create your own story through powerful product packaging. Whatever your category, you should strive to engage, evoke, and engross the consumer to revitalize your brand through product packaging.

I provide lots of complimentary packaging resources and information tomake your packaging journey successful. And one on one consultationwhen necessary.

Or give me a buzz at 678-594-6872. I'm tapped in to the latestpackaging news. I can help you assess why or not you shouldconsider changing your product packaging. At the very least I cantell you what your competition is doing.If you are just chumming the "packaging" waters then be sureand visit and one of my web sites for lots of information andadvice. It pays to do your homework first.


Finding appropriate packaging is not the only challenge to launching a product line. If you're a cosmetics company these days, you must be aware of a draft law now pending in the House Energy & Commerce Committee. The FDA Globalization Act of 2008 would change the way cosmetics are regulated in the US. If the draft law is enacted in its current form, it would literally kill of small and woman-owned cosmetics businesses.

Among the provisions in the draft legislation are:

o annual registration fees of up to $12,000 for all cosmetics companies, even if all you manufacture is a single bar of soap and even if you are a very small company

o stringent and burdensome reporting requirements that would make it impossible to run a small business

o requirements for compliance with one-size-fits-all manufacturing guidelines that small businesses cannot possibly comply with.

The provisions represent onerous barriers to entry, will stomp out competition and minimize consumers choices when it comes to their personal care products. It will also decimate businesses that women have started and run successfully because the playing field, at least up to now, has been a level one. This legislation would change all of that.

The Indie Beauty Network (IBN) is leading the charge to oppose the draft law. In meetings earlier this week at the Food and Drug Administration and on Capitol Hill, IBN's president and several members put the small business position forward in the hopes of convincing legislators to amend the draft law to make sure that small businesses are not decimated by the law. IBN's blog post with video and Petition to oppose the law is here, and you can sign the Petition by leaving your comment, city, state and zip at the blog:

Our July 24, 2008, IBN sent a letter to the Congress persons on the House Energy & Commerce Committee: At a time when small businesses are most vulnerable, especially those run by women and families who are fighting to stay off unemployment lines, IBN and many others believe that this legislation is the wrong policy and the wrong law at the wrong time.


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