Friday, April 18, 2008

Packaging Issue Of The Day

To use or not to use the #7 Bottle?

Watch the clip from The Today Show titled “Are plastic bottles safe?” here:

The question now is, how will the plastics industry respond to this?
JoAnn Hines, Packaging Diva and Executive Director of Women In Packaging explained it this way. “Two companies, Nalgene and Brita, have developed an entire marketing campaign around refilling your water bottle to save the environment, touting it as a solution to the water bottle sustainability issue. When I mentioned this at the Best Practices Summit, several people came up to me afterwards and asked me about the chemical leaching issue. Now there’s this exposé. Who’s right and what’s a poor consumer to do if we can’t use or reuse water in plastic bottles?”

Latest Responses on BPA
Report Finds Potential Health Hazard in Plastic

More stores pull bisphenol A plastics from shelves

VI Letter to NBC Producers Attacks Misinformation in Today Show Reports


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