Sunday, May 18, 2008

Packaging Learns How To Talk To Consumers

Information overload. We see over 3,000 advertising messages a day. It takes less than 2.6 seconds to make a purchasing decision at retail so why would anyone buy your product over the all competition? JoAnn Hines The Packaging Diva say you will find how packaging can talk and influence the consumer purchasing decision at the World Tea Expo, May 30 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV in her session Does Your Packaging Speak Human?

You will learn the insiders’ secrets of "human speak" and how to connect your product to your consumer though packaging.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

Effectively influence the consumer.

Recognize how “warm and fuzzy” translates into more sales.

Identify how you can “connect” to consumers.

Understand what turns off customers.

Recognize the knowledge necessary to hear your package and see your product through the eyes of the consumer.

This session is in the core conference program designed for tea room owners, coffee shop owners, retailers, food service professionals spas and grocers. The presenter Ms. Hines is a packaging consultant with more than 30 years global packaging experience and expertise. She has a comprehensive command of the power of branding, design and merchandising on packaging and how it can influence the consumer to buy, or NOT. She has traveled the world speaking on packaging trends and technologies and was invited to speak at the White House on US packaging innovations and how that could translate into business opportunities with China

Do you need to know who has the latest concepts in packaging innovation? The Diva knows - that's what she does-track packaging trends and innovation and how it is going to impact your business. Get connected with JoAnn Hines Packaging Diva on her website or by phone 1-678-594 6872.

This presentation is proudly sponsored by Planet Canit specializing in distinctive, upscale, customized tin packaging that supports our clients' branding initiatives, their marketing strategies, and their bottom-line sales growth targets. From our products and services to our people and perspective, Planet Canit succeeds by acting and doing things that are Beyond the Box ™ and Baer Design - Brand Identity, Naming and Package Design. Simply put: We do brand and corporate ID. Our team of veteran designers, seasoned brand-architects, copywriters and photographers has been creating memorable brands for over ten years. We’ve done award-winning work on everything from technology to tea.

JoAnn Hines
Packaging Diva
All Packaging All Of The Time


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