Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Inventors Invent Products - But Packaging Is What Sells Them

I just got back from speaking at the Invention Show in Pittsburgh and saw a lot of great new inventions. What I didn't see was any thought given to how the product would actually be sold at retail or even how to get it there in pristine condition .... AKA the package.

I was surprised how far many people were along in the product development process yet never considered how it was going to be marketed. In case you didn't know the package IS your silent salesperson and it will create that buzz that will make consumers pick your product up off the shelf. Without the right packaging with the right message you are NEVER going to make the consume connection. The right packaging could mean a lot of things including just getting it to your customer in one piece. But one thing is for sure according to the QVC representative: only 1 out of 5 products make it though the QVC quality process and much of the failure derives from poor packaging.

People came to the INPEX resource booth nonstop to ask their packaging questions but a lot of questions were the same. Here are two common questions with the answers in hopes this will help get you started on packaging your products to SELL.

1. How can I find a packaging vendor for small quantities or a startup budget?
The answer is to do your homework lots of it. Its basically research and finding what you like with a supplier who will work with you and the quantities you are prepared to order.

Be sure and cover this in your initial discussion before investing a lot of time and energy with a supplier that cannot provide what you need.

2. How important is the "green" movement in product packaging?
It depends. Its become a media hot button and is getting considerable mileage with retailers. Not all products can be packaged in environmentally friendly materials. In fact this type packaging is just in its infancy so investigate thoroughly why you need/want green packaging materials and what it will mean in your product packaging development.

There are many more questions to which you need answers and simple steps to work through the process of how to package your invention to sell. The answers are in the Packaging Diva's special 15 page report "Packaging Your Invention to Sell"

Here is what one attendee had to say after listening to the program:
"I learned a lot of good information about packaging. Your class opened my eyes to the importance of good packaging and how it relates to your invention's success. I could tell that you have extensive knowledge and keep up on all the trends of the industry."
The Average Inventor

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