Monday, August 22, 2005

Package Your Products for Thunder Thigh Women- Big Butts Too

Package Your Products for Thunder Thigh Women- Big Butts Too

Wake up women (and you men too). I think we are seeing light at
the end of the tunnel. Madison Avenue is getting real about
advertising campaigns for women. Following the unparalleled
success of Dove line of personal-care products sold by Unilever,
the company introduced what it calls a "campaign for real
beauty." I predict others will follow suit.

This week Nike unveiled a campaign using women with big butts and
thunder thighs -- no kidding! Why? It is because that image
represents the majority on the US female populace. (FYI, the
average size woman is a size 14-16, not a 0.)

Remember when I told you that women aren't influenced by
celebrity endorsements on the product package. Well, they are
influenced by real women who they can relate to. They are not
impressed by the thin, waif-like creatures that have been
purported to represent the average female consumer. Nor are they
in awe of the horse like runway models seen in TV commercials
clunking down the stage.

Two drivers impacting this change include the fact that women are
the primary purchasers of products and that women over 50 are
finally being recognized as a significant purchasing

How well do you understand the needs and wants of these two
target groups? Do you want to sell more products and connect with
consumers though your product packaging?

We know what these buyers want in packaging. Our special report:
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"The Packaging Diva has her finger on the pulse of the over 50
generation. Her insightful presentation made me rethink the ways
and methods to connect with this audience. She offered great
facts that demonstrate the purchasing power of an underserved
audience. I would definitely recommend her presentation to others
and invite her back for future events." -- Sarah Ashmore,
conference director, Chemical Week

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