Monday, August 08, 2005

Eat Your Package Not the Product

Wow. What a concept. Just think how happy this innovation will
make environmentalists in addition to all the packaging material
that won't be going into landfills. Seriously, I just got this
announcement about edible packaging wraps. Scientists at the US
Department of Agriculture's research agency (ARS) have developed
100 percent vegetable and fruit-based wrapping similar to nori,
the seaweed strip traditionally used for sushi.

I know all the food science colleges are dabbling in this
technology but consider the ramifications if this becomes
mainstream. How is this going to affect the food industry?
Consider all the wonderful new products. Heat and eat the entire

It's technology and innovation that's driving the packaging
industry to new dimensions.
And it's so difficult to keep up with the new inventions. Every
day I hear of something new and wonderful that I need to know

How do I keep up? I read, research, speak, and write. So how do
you keep up? Let me help you keep abreast of new technology that
can impact your career or your business. Do you want me to know
about your new product? Send me a quick email.

I'm currently researching:
Packaging Design Innovations
Packaging Products for Women
Packaging Products for 50+

I'm still waiting for many of you to get back with your packaging
IQ "test" results. For a reminder of the questions email me back.
If you have missed an issue or two of PNYCU (Packaging News You
Can Use), I've started a blog so get your updates here @

Its a quandary:
Pack Expo, HBA and CPPExpo are running concurrently.
What's a pkg. pro to do?
I will be speaking at CPPExpo so I will not be exhibiting at Pack Expo.
If you want me to stop by your booth send me a note plz.

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