Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Death of Product Packaging as We Know It.

The Death of Product Packaging as We Know It.

It used to be you that if you had a great product you put it in a
package and voila! . . .someone would come along and buy it. That
is not the case any more. The package not only has to protect the
product and allow for its tracking, it has to sell it too. Most
importantly, the package has to capture someone's attention in
less than three seconds.

Consider the last time you went shopping. Were there any new
products that jumped at you off the shelves? With smart packaging
there is an embedded chip that says ?buy me? every time someone
walks past your product. Seriously, that will happen in the
future, but right now smart packaging is confined to a few
interesting innovations.

What smart packaging innovations will impact you and your
product? It depends not only upon your target demographic but
where you plan to sell your product. Packaging 101 simply doesn't
make the grade any more.

Ask yourself some important questions that will help you build
your package brand.
Who is your buyer?
How old is your buyer?
Where does your buyer shop?
How often do they shop?
What features are they looking for in your product packaging?
What is the most important aspect of your product package that
will appeal to the buyer?
Will my package have to persuade people to buy it?
Can your package be easily compromised, tampered with or

This should get you started thinking about who you are packaging
your product for and their expectations. No matter who the
ultimate customer is, the package has to "sell? them on buying
your product. If you haven't taken the time to "think like a
customer" your product won't be flying off the shelf. It will be
dying on the shelf!


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